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The Cinterion LTE Cat 1, Cat 3, and Cat 6 mPCIe cards from Gemalto provide global coverage and reliability with optional 2G / 3G fallback when needed. These module series deliver instant access to LTE cellular networks for a range of industrial IoT applications and are very easy to integrate by simply plugging into an existing 52-pin express card slot.
The SIM7600E and SIM7600E-H from SIMCom are multi-band LTE/HSPA+/GSM modules. These modules have strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, USB2.0, GPIO etc. The SIM7600E supports LTE CAT1 up to 10Mbps (DL) while the SIM7600E-H supports LTE CAT4 up to 150Mbps (DL).
The R2000 Ent router from Robustel adds a voice function to an industrial grade dual 4G LTE router making it the all-in-one IoT solution. This router provides fast and reliable network connectivity and enhanced voice capabilities, facilitating the response to and the management of any device - anytime and anywhere.
The sine-wave filters from TDK are EMC filters for frequency converters designed to reduce the proportion of high clock frequencies at the output of converters. This allows the interference-free operation of variable speed drives with long motor cables.

Motors are often connected to converters over distances of more than 100 meters. The parasitic capacitances of such long cables result in reactive power. Motor noises and increased eddy current losses are also produced. TDK sine-wave filters significantly reduce these negative effects. Moreover, they can reduce filtering requirements at the input of the converters, so that less expensive types can be used there.

Sine-wave filters of the B84143V*R227, *229 and *230 series are designed for continuous currents of 4 to 320A at rated voltages of between 520 and 690V. The permissible clock frequency of the converters is between 2.4 and 16kHz, depending on the type.

Where it is also desirable to dispense with shielded motor cables, it is recommended to use the B84143V*R127 filter series with SineFormer® technology.

EMC service - measurement - analysis - consultation - reporting
The EPCOS EMC Laboratory in Regensburg offers comprehensive, in-depth EMC services: from pre compliance investigations on prototypes to conformity testing of series-production equipment. A test report provides proof of compliance with the relevant standards and is the basis for the customer's declaration of conformity.

•  Reduction of motor noise and eddy current losses
•  Generation of sinusoidal phase-to-phase voltage with low ripple dv/dt reduction
•  Easy to install
•  Compact design with natural cooling
•  Continuous currents of 4 to 320A
•  Rated voltages between 520 and 690V
•  Up to 10 meters wiring between inverter and filter, operation under full load
•  IP20 up to 95A
•  IP21 housing B84143Q
•  No shielded cables needed
•  Up to 180A: tube clip for convenient shield bonding
•  UL approved insulation system T-EIS-CF1

•  Elevators
•  Traction and conveyer systems
•  Pumps
•  HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

The SIM7100E from SIMCom is an ultra compact multi band LTE module which is based on the Qualcomm MDM9215. This complete multi-band TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/WCDMA/GSM/GNSS SMT type module is designed with a powerful ARM Cortex™ A5, QDSP6 core processors. It delivers 50Mbps-up and 100Mbps-down data rates on LTE FDD networks, fully backward compatible with existing WCDMA/HSPA networks.

SIM7100E has strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, USB2.0, SPI, I2C,Keypad, PCM, etc. With abundant application capabilities like TCP/UDP/FTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/POP3 and MMS, the module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's application.

The miniPCIe type SIM7100E-PCIE is a SIM7100E module combined with a miniPCIE adapter

•  Five band FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8/B20
•  Dual band TDD-LTE B38/B40
•  Dual band UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B8
•  Dual band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800MHz
•  Qualcomm MDM9215 based
•  ARM Cortex™ A5, QDSP6 core processors
•  LTE: 50Mbps-up & 100Mbps-down
•  Supply voltage: 3.4 to 4.2V
•  Operating temperature: -40° to +85176C
•  Control Via AT Commands or Gobi API
•  Standalone GNSS
•  SMT package, dimensions 30x30x2.9mm

•  Smart metering
•  Healthcare and alarm products
•  Mobile POS

The R2000 Dual from Robustel is an industrial grade 4G LTE router with two cellular modules and two SIM cards for multiple carriers and continuous cellular connections. This programmable router only needs 3 seconds to switch between two mobile networks in case of network failure.
The B84142A*166 series from TDK is a series of 2-line EMC filters designed for rated currents of 10A, 16A, and 30A at a rated voltage of 250VAC (50/60Hz). These filters are very compact in size: the 10A and 16A types measure only 84.5x52x38mm, and the 30A version only 130x84x69mm. This permits mounting even when space is very limited.

Another feature of the B84142A*166 is its extremely low leakage current of less than 0.5mA and 1.8mA. This prevents unintentional tripping of ground fault circuit interrupters (also known as residual current devices). In addition to their compact size, these filters offer a very high insertion loss of up to more than 100dB.

The new filters meet the requirements for climate category 25/100/21, IEC 60068-1 and protection class IP00. The filters can be operated without derating at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. Approvals to EN, UL and CSA are pending. Applications for the new EMC filters include converters and power electronics systems.

•  Very high insertion loss of up to and exceeding 100 dB
•  Easy to install
•  Rated currents: 10A, 16A or 30A
•  Rated voltage: 250VAC (50/60 Hz) / 250VDC
•  Very compact design
•  Degree of protection IP 201 (for 30A model)
•  Extremely low leakage current of < 0.5 to 1.8mA
•  Tab connectors
•  Finger-safe terminal blocks
•  UL and cUL approval
•  ENEC approval pending

•  Elevators
•  Conveyor systems
•  Pumps
•  Traction systems
•  HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
•  Power supplies
•  DC applications
The Gemalto Cinterion PLS8 LTE cellular M2M moduleis optimized for high bandwidth computing, enabling speeds up to 100 Mbps for downlink and 50 Mbps for uplink. PLS8 and its variants, PLS8-E and PLS8-US, provide true worldwide coverage and reliability even while roaming across different wireless networks.

The PLS8 supports multi designs due to footprint compatibility with Gemalto M2M's 3G/GSM and CDMA Cinterion modules PHS8 and PXS8/PVS8. Two antenna pads enable diversity support allowing PLS8 to provide improved data speeds. An optimized GPS antenna path eliminates blanking on GPS and provides more consistent performance.

Gemalto M2M's unique type of LGA technology enables optimized heat dissipation that prevents warping and gives customers the freedom to select the most beneficial soldering paste for each individual application.

Like all Cinterion products, the PLS8 comes with full type approval (FTA) and is certified by the largest global network operators.

•  Quad band LTE
•  Tri Band UMTS/DC-HSPA+
•  GPRS/EDGE quad/dual band
•  LGA mounting technology
•  Extended temperature range
•  Advanced power management technology
•  USB 2.0
•  Multi OS support

•  Ruggedized mobile computing
•  Security solutions
•  Medical equipment
•  Gateway routers
•  Payment systems
The B84243A8x series from TDK are very compact EPCOS 3-line EMC filters for frequency converters. These high-performance filters are suitable for a rated voltage of 530VAC in 50/60Hz grids. The compact dimensions lie between 90x40x95mm and 250x85x120mm. The B84243A8 series currently comprises seven different types that are designed for currents of between 3A and 60A, based on a rated temperature of 50°C.

These EMC filters typically perform according to EN 61800-3 C1 and C2 for motor cable lengths of respectively up to 25 meters and 50 meters.

Apart from their outstanding EMC performance, these 3-line EMC filters also feature very short discharge times. At currents up to 44A the filters achieve a residual voltage of <60V in less than one second. The 3A version with a leakage current of less than 2mA has been specially developed for plug-in devices that must meet low leakage current limits. The other models have leakage currents of no more than 5.1mA and can also be operated in environments with sensitive residual current devices.

These filters are designed for a high short-circuit current (SCCR) of 100kA in accordance with UL 508. Approvals according to UL, CSA and ENEC are pending.

Recessed connections permit optimum access to the mounting bracket, making the filters suitable for installation in switching cabinets or where limited space is available.

•  Rated voltage of 530VAC in 50/60Hz grids
•  Typical performance according to EN 61800-3 (up to 50m motor cable length)
•  Metal case
•  Outstanding EMC performance
•  Discharge time up to 44A types: <60V within 1s
•  Seven different types for currents of between 3A and 60A
•  Short-circuit-proofed up to 100kA according to UL 508
•  Metal case
•  Dimensions between 190x40x95mm and 250x85x120mm
•  Low leakage currents of just 2 mA to 5mA (at 400 VAC)
•  Degree of protection: IP 201
•  Approvals UL/CSA, (ENEC pending)

•  Frequency converters
•  Elevators
•  Three phase drive applications
•  Textile machines, packaging machines, machine-tools
•  Pumps
•  Conveyor systems
•  HVAC systems
In today's power drive installations leakage currents are a hidden and ignored risk. Leakage current can cause RCDs (residual current device) to trip resulting in frequent system shut-downs. The LeaXield™ active filter module from EPCOS is a completely new solution for the minimization of earth leakage currents in such applications. The LeaXield module compensates leakage currents up to 1000mA and functions in frequencies ranging from 4kHz to 500kHz.

The LeaXield active filter module is connected between the RCD and the EMC input filter of the converter in standard three-phase industrial power grids and does not require an additional power supply. LeaXield detects the common-mode currents on the load-side via a current sensing transformer. An amplifier generates an inverse of the leakage currents and feeds them to the power line via a capacitor network. This produces almost complete cancellation of the leakage currents.

LeaXield can also improve the EMC performance of power drive systems in the range up to around 500kHz. The new active filter module achieves typical common-mode attenuation values of up to 30dB at 4kHz, 40dB at 10kHz, and 15dB at 150kHz. The module can be retrofitted into existing converter-based installations in order to improve their EMC and the RCD compatibility of the power drive system.

Functional principle

•  Compensation of earth leakage currents up to 1000mA
•  Voltage range: 360VAC to 520VAC
•  3-phase industrial power grid
•  Maximum power current: 150A (max.)
•  Integrates amplifier, current transformer and power supply unit
•  Improved common-mode attenuation in the frequency range from 4kHz to approx. 500kHz
•  Requires no additional power supply
•  Dimensions: 258x80x100mm

•  LeaXield is designed to attenuate common mode current disturbances from 1kHz and above. Attenuation is 20dB at 1kHz, 30dB at 4kHz and 40dB at 10kHz
•  LeaXield is designed not to interfere with the power frequency current components (50Hz, 150Hz). Therefore the RCD operates as normal in response to power frequency fault earth current, including that generated by contact from persons.
•  LeaXield is presently constructed for 3 phase 3 wire usage. In the future it is planned to adapt it for 3 phase 4 wire and single phase applications.
•  LeaXield does not compensate DC leakage current.
•  LeaXield is capacitively coupled to the power line. The reason for this is solely to provide an injection path for the compensation current.
•  It is intended that LeaXield will be able to be certified to the LV and EMC directives together with the complete system.

Main applications
•  Power drive systems with frequency converters and long motor cables

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