4G LTE Cat 1bis module from SIMCom

In need for speed? Meet our new 4G LTE Cat 1bis module - the A7683E

Wondering how IoT can move faster? The A7683E module provides smooth and fast integration for a 4G world. With global coverage, high data rates, low energy use, compact size, and high location performance, this module is the answer to your needs.

Bridging the gap between the old and the new, SIMCom’s A7683E module is a future-proof 4G LTE technology for a variety of IoT applications. With its LTE-FDD support, it boasts up to 10Mbps downlink rates, making data transfer a breeze. This powerhouse module, in its very compact size, not only facilitates a smooth transition from 2G to LTE but its compatibility with a spectrum of SIM modules also makes it a smart, future-proof choice for smart customers. And, not entirely unimportant, this module is also very cost-effective compared to other 4G LTE technologies and modules.

This module is perfect for applications in, for example, real-time tracking and diagnostics, smart meters and grid management systems, remote monitoring systems, and/ or emergency response systems. Texim Europe can help you with selecting the right module for your project and application.
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Key features
High-speed LTE-FDD connectivity.

🔁 Suitable for 4G LTE networks.

🔄 Wide compatibility with other SIMCom SIM series modules.

🌐 Multiple built-in network protocol support.

💻 Diverse OS driver support.

📐 Compact Design

💲 Cost-Efficient


  • Supply chain management & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Smart cities
  • Energy management

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