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Explore the possibilities of Human Machine Interfaces: ready-to-use products to integrate directly in your application, or connected tailor-made modules for customized ease of use.

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HMI components

Character display

Displays that come out best when the display of information needs to be effective and simplistic, a display that benefits the ease of use. Ideal for single purpose applications where presentation of feedback must be clear and unambiguously. Available display technologies are OLED (for a luxury high-contrast look) and passive LCD (for high-temperature environments and budget aware).

Display panel

When the presentation of information and feedback in the user interface needs to be more graphic oriented. Ideal to display a lot of information and integrate advanced control options in an application. Many sizes, resolutions, integrated touchscreens and extensive properties are available taking environmental factors into account. Available technologies are TFT LCD (for large screen sizes), OLED (for small screen sizes with high-contrast), passive LCD (for high-temperature environments and budget aware) and E-paper (for static information and very energy efficient).


Touch control interfaces for an active matrix display panel. Ideal to create a close connection between user interface input and machine feedback. Many sizes, resolutions and extensive options are available taking environmental factors into account, even with optional décor glass for a clean finish. Available technologies are projected capacitive (precise multi-touch operation), resistive (budget aware reliable operation) and infrared (long lifetime and robust operation).

Box PC

Systems to be used as computing power in an HMI application. Connect directly to a monitor or integrate in an existing application. Many connections and performance options are available taking environmental factors into account. Available as a ready-to-use system or barebone.

Embedded board & modules

Embedded computing boards and computer-on-modules to integrate in an (existing) housing and connect directly to a display monitor or display panel. Many interfaces, connections, integrated touchcontrollers, and performance options are available taking environmental factors into account. Motherboards or computing boards with integrated CPU and/or RAM are available.

Display monitor

Monitors that are ready to be integrated in an (existing) application due to the extensive installation options and equipped with control and operate electronics. Available with or without touchscreen.

Ready-to-implement HMI platform

Panel PC

Ready to integrate in an applicaiton, already provided with man-machine, machine-man communication and feedback options. Many sizes, resolutions, connections, performance options, integrated touchscreens and extensive properties are available taking environmental factors into account.

Tablet PC

A portable interface that can be connected wireless or wired to a machine. Ideal for on-the-go operations.Many sizes, wireless connections, sensors and performance options are available for even the harshest environment. Extensive choice options in operating systems to securely run a desired program.

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