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Connecting IoT devices made easy

Tired of complicated (remote) IIoT setups? This CaaS-platform (Connectivity-as-a-Service platform) is your answer. Choose whether you like a plastic triple-cut SIM, eSIM, or SoftSIM, and, if required, a highly accessible data cloud connector.

Optimized global coverage, battery life, and data & SIM management

Tired of complicated (remote) IIoT setups? This CaaS-platform (Connectivity-as-a-Service platform) is your answer. Choose whether you like a plastic triple-cut SIM, eSIM, or SoftSIM, and, if required, a highly accessible data cloud connector. A Data Cloud Connector is a tool that allows seamless integration between your IoT devices and cloud services, enabling efficient data management and connectivity. You already get our expert techsupport on low quantities eSIMs to get your development started. It's straightforward, secure, and reliable – perfect for managing your devices across the globe. We focus on the tech, so you can successfully focus on marketing your solution.

Discover the benefits

IIoT devices globally connected through one SIM provider with an easy to use data and SIM-management CaaS-platform

Optimized global connectivity

Texim Europe specializes in providing robust IoT hardware, complemented by a partner software platform for optimized cellular connectivity and is provider independant. This collaboration ensures that devices seamlessly connect to the best available network for reliable global coverage. Using this connectivity service, Texim Europe enables straightforward and effective IoT solutions, tailored for diverse environments without complicating the user experience. This approach ensures steady network connectivity, crucial for any remote IoT application.

Improved battery life

Optimizing IoT deployment, our approach focuses on improving device battery life through the use of IoT data cloud connectors. These connectors enable devices to efficiently transmit data to cloud platforms without extensive coding, reducing power consumption. By minimizing the energy used for data transmission and connection maintenance, the longevity of IoT devices is significantly enhanced, especially crucial in remote areas with limited power access. Bringing a dual advantage: reliable connectivity and extended battery life in power-constrained environments.

Minimizing data interruptions

In remote IoT operations, stable and reliable connectivity is essential for effective troubleshooting and management. The optional integration of IoT data cloud connectors enhances this by ensuring continuous, secure data transmission to cloud platforms, minimizing data interruptions. This approach not only simplifies IoT deployments by reducing device-level complexity but also maintains high data integrity through error correction and efficient retransmission methods. Such streamlined connectivity is key to reducing downtime and boosting operational efficiency.

"IoT data cloud connectors" or "No-code cloud connectors" are tools or platforms that allow users to connect, integrate, and automate data flows between different cloud-based services and applications without the need for additional coding. They are part of a broader movement towards "no-code" or "low-code" development, which aims to make technology and data management more accessible to non-technical users. Because data preparation happens on the central platform, the IoT application doesn’t need to send the data with all necessary (security) certificates; The partner software platform does all additional data handling for you. This saves your IoT application up to 80% of data and saves up to 50% of your IoT battery. Your battery-driven IoT application lasts much longer, minimizing field maintenance without compromising on safety and security.

Partner platform explained: Globally connected IoT devices all connected through one platform with a secured cloud connector for save data and SIM-management. Supports TLS protocol

Experience our development kits

Easy-to-use and a 30-day free trial of the CaaS-platform

Launch your IoT projects efficiently with Texim Europe’s development kits. Each kit provides the opportunity to access our partner’s central platform. After purchase and registration you get:

  • 30-day free trial
  • 50 MB of data usage
  • Hundreds of networks
  • Up to 10 free SIMs
  • Expert (tech)support available
These benefits allows you to test and experience the platform in real-world scenarios. Perfect to understand the platform's practical application and integration. Ready to take a step into effective IoT solutions? Explore our development kits for smarter IoT integration, and to make a well-informed decision.

Choose the right SIM technology

  • Plastic Triple cut SIM:
    Safeguard sensitive information by preventing unauthorized access and communication, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted between applications and the cloud. Comes with our easy-to-use development kit.

  • Embedded SIM (eSIM):
    Higher flexibility, future-proof, and less sensitive to vibration. Smaller physical footprint and moderate cost of integration.

  • SoftSIM:
    Offers the highest flexibility and future-proofing with minimal vibration sensitivity. No physical space required and potentially lower power consumption.
Plastic SIM
mini-SIM, micro-SIM, nano-SIM
embedded SIM / chip SIM
eUICC chip addition
Software in module
SIM integration cost Higher (physical components) Moderate Lower (no physical SIMs)
Implementation Physical slot required Soldered on chip Software integration
Physical space Requires SIM slot (size varies) Very small (eUICC chip) None (entirely software)
Power consumption Moderate Moderate Optimized due to software efficiency
Vibration sensitivity Sensitive (physical component) Less Sensitive Minimal (no physical component)
Durability Standard (physical wear) High (less physical wear) Highest (no physical degradation)

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Market integrations

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Product integrations

Start developing

At Texim Europe, we understand that every IoT project is unique. We offer solutions ranging from ready-to-use modules to upcoming technologies like Soft SIM cellular modules. We provide eSIM support on low quantities to get your development started. Our goal is to make IoT work for you, in a way that's both easy to integrate and effective. Ensuring your IoT setup is not only connected but also secure and efficient. It's about providing tools that fit your needs and keep things running smoothly. Let's work together to make your IoT ambitions a reality. Contact us, and let's get started.

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