Knob Displays

Knob displays and where to apply them

Texim Europe can provide knob displays for controlling and monitoring various parameters suited for all kinds of applications. These round, or circular, shaped displays can be rotated and pushed. This makes a rotary switch display, or knob display, a very intuitive, reliable and customizable interface With a range of options to choose from, customers can create a knob display that fits seamlessly into their equipment and meets their exact specifications for ensuring high-quality products and efficient production processes.

Whether it's choosing the material of the housing, adding a touch screen, or selecting a display technology, knob displays provide an efficient and reliable interface for all kind of markets, such as the automotive industry, medical devices, marine and offshore, industrial (IoT) applications and smart home applications, such as coffee and vending machines or white goods. With a knob display you can also upgrade your “old” knobs and add more functionalities to your knobs.

Key advantages
As mentioned above, one of the key advantages of knob displays is their customizable specifications. Customers can choose from a range of options to create a knob display that meets their specific needs. This includes options such as the material of the housing, the size of the display (ranging from 0.96 inch to 2.47 inch), and the type of display technology such as PMOLED or IPS LCD TFT. A knob display can also be made “smart” with the help of the STM32G0 chip and 128Mbit of storage.

Customizable features
Additional options that customers can choose are a touch screen and a rotate and / or push functions. While knob displays typically use rotary switches and push functions to adjust parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow and speed, adding a touch screen can provide an additional level of control and flexibility. With a touch screen, operators can use their fingers to adjust parameters and access additional information, making it easier to control and monitor the equipment. Texim Europe has several demonstrators available for test purposes and to get a feeling with the knob display.

Industrial process

Knob displays can be used in industrial mixers to control the speed and direction of the mixing blades. The rotary switch allows the operator to select the desired speed and direction quickly and easily, while the display provides visual feedback on the current speed and direction. This ensures that the mixing process is performed at the desired speed and direction, resulting in a high-quality and consistent end product.

Production process

Knob displays can be used in a production line for electronic components to control and monitor the temperature of the soldering process. The knob allows the operator to adjust the temperature quickly and accurately, while the display provides real-time feedback on the current temperature and any changes made. This ensures that the soldering process is performed at the correct temperature and avoids any defects or damage to the components.

Manufacturing process

Knob displays may also be used in various other manufacturing applications, such as controlling the pressure and flow rate of fluids in a chemical process, adjusting the speed of a conveyor belt, and monitoring the temperature and humidity in a cleanroom environment. They are also perfect for tight space situations.

Medical devices

Texim Europe can provide knob displays for the medical industry. A knob display could be used e.g. for monitoring patients’ vital signs during surgery. The rotary switch option can be used for controlling and monitoring parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation, whereas the touch screen can be used to quickly adjust some parameters and access additional information.

Marine and Offshore Application

For applications in de marine and offshore industry Texim Europe can deliver knob displays for all kinds of purposes. E.g. it could be used for controlling the temperature and pressure of a gas storage tank. In a harsh environment where an interface is required that is easy to use and can be monitored and adjusted quickly and accurately, a knob display can be the perfect solution. A rotary switch can be used to monitor and adjust several parameters and a housing made of durable, corrosion-resistant material is suitable for the harsh conditions in the marine and offshore environment. It is also perfect for tight space situations, which is common for marine and offshore environments.

Automotive industry

Texim Europe can support and supply knob displays for the automotive industry. For example if a customer wants an interface that is both functional and visually appealing, a knob display can be applied as the primary interface for controlling various functions such as climate control, audio system, and navigation. The knob display's compact size and intuitive interface make it an ideal choice for use in the automotive industry where user experience and design are critical factors for success.

Vending machines

For vending machines Texim Europe can also provide (customized) knob displays as a user interface to dispense snacks and beverages. E.G. the rotary switch functionality can be used for selecting products and adjusting quantity. The push functionality can be used to proceed the process. Whether the customer requires a PMOLED or an IPS LCD TFT display, is can provide sharp colors and excellent reading conditions in a variety of lighting conditions. The robust design of the knob display makes it ideal for use in vending machines.

Coffee machines

For the market in food and beverages, such as coffee machines, Texim Europe can provide knob displays as an user interface. The knob display features a touch screen option and a rotary switch for adjusting parameters such as coffee strength, temperature, amount and the type of coffee you’d like to have. As display technology an IPS LCD TFT can be applied, which provides excellent color accuracy and wider viewing angles. The knob display's compact size and intuitive interface make it an ideal choice for use in coffee machines where user experience and design are important.

Knob Displays: the user-friendly intuitive interface for all kinds of purposes

In all these cases, knob displays provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for controlling and monitoring various parameters in manufacturing equipment or enabling precise and efficient control of the production process. By using knob displays, customers can improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce downtime due to operator errors or difficulties in controlling machinery and equipment. Choose your knob display below or contact us so we can help you with your project.

Products in serie

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0.94-inch round knob white OLED display

1.18-inch round knob+touch white OLED display

1.28-inch round TFT LCD (IPS) display, PCAP touch

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