Statement on COVID-19 and Supply Chain

Fortunately, COVID illness cases in Europe have decreased to a number where any still existing government measures only have limited impact on the Electronics industry. Although in other parts of the World COVID measures can still influence supply chains, other World-wide geopolitical and economic developments currently have a much stronger influence. The result is that product lead times remain exceptionally long and unreliable. Prices change (increase) very often, including on confirmed orders. We are therefore very grateful to all our customers to trust us source their requirements and will continue to do everything in our power to stay as reliable and pro-active as possible in our confirmations and service levels. We also remain cautious about a potential revival of COVID and are well prepared to take the necessary steps should new measures be announced yet again.

Health & Safety

In case of a COVID revival, measures will be taken to minimise any potential contamination risk for employees, their families and anyone else. Our office employees can all work from home if required and everyone will be directed to strictly comply to local government regulations.


Contact Availability

All our employees will be reachable at the known telephone numbers to answer any question you may have. Our engineers will be available as always to support you finding the most suitable products for your application. Should visits no longer be allowed web meetings can be organised if required.

Also, our web site will always be available. It has been optimised to search, compare and order products on-line and can always be used to ask for quotes and support.


Warehouse operation

Our warehouse in the Netherlands is and will remain in full operation, also in case of a COVID pandemic revival. Appropriate warehouse process rules have been prepared and will be taken quickly to safeguard warehouse employees and continuity of operation.


Manufacturing & Transport

Manufacturing capacity of most suppliers is very much impacted, not so much as a result of COVID but much more due to geopolitical and economic effects. This situation differs per supplier and changes regularly. Also, intercontinental air freight capacity is very limited and can take longer to arrange.

We therefore advise to plan well ahead of demand to account for the increased lead times. For larger shipments (>150kgs) we kindly suggest to schedule at least 8-10 weeks earlier creating time to arrange intercontinental transport via Sea Freight as this is more consistent in delivery time and at lower cost.

The Texim team is working hard to negate or minimise the impact to our customers. Customers will be pro-actively contacted when it becomes clear that deliveries are delayed. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to contact your local support office at any time to get the latest information on your specific situation.



Texim Europe is monitoring developments closely. We will update this notification and inform our customers as soon as we have new information available.


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