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Explore a broad portfolio of cellular, local networking, radio navigation and tracking products for stable long- or short-range wireless communication in your application.

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All products are from pre-selected manufacturers for consistent quality and high reliability. Find, compare and select our extensive options online, or contact us directly for tailored advice.

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Latest technology products

LoRa/Sigfox stand-alone dry contact sensors, report states & control relays

LoRaWAN 868 field test device for network testing

UP LoRa family of indoor and outdoor gateway & network servers, CE RED certified systems

Multi-band Cat-M/NB-IoT modules, 3GPP R14 support,SMT mounting

Multi-band Sub-6G 5G modules, M.2, supports R15 5G NSA/SA up to 2.4Gbps data transfer

5G eMBB M.2 modem cards with LTE & 3G Fallback, dual SIM support and dual-frequency GNSS

4G devices gateways for retrofitting existing IoT applications, with 2G/3G fallback

Long range, direction finding multiprotocol BT 5.1 modules with MCU and built-in antenna

Smart BLE + LoRa combo modules with NFC capabilities, single built-in antenna

BLE temperature sensor with external probe, -80° to +200° measuring range, IP68

Autonomous waterproof temperature sensor, BT v4.2 and EN12830

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  • Custom firmware
    Delivering modules that fit your application
  • Configuration testing and delivery
    Ensuring optimal operation in any circumstances
  • Demonstration loans
    Allowing you to assess wireless techniques and functions onsite.

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You haven't found any wireless communication technology that exactly fits your electronic application, or do you still have questions in need of answering?
Do you face the following challenges:

  • Which form of wireless technology would work best for me under certain circumstances?
  • What type of technology can I use best when I want to monitor my processes?
  • How do I ensure optimal coverage?
  • etc.

Just add any additional requirements and questions to your request and we'll find a bespoke solution, together.

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