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The ISP1507 from Insight SiP is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, based on the latest Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 chip offering the next generation in BLE technology in a 8x8x1mm System-in-Package. The ISP1507 offers a full Bluetooth 5 ready stack and IPv6 connectivity, and thus can form the hub in IoT applications.
AAEON Technology introduces the OMNI-Family, this is a series of modular and customizable industrial touch panel PCs that simplify the assembly process, optimize dynamic deployment and satisfy customer's multiple requirements.
The PUCK family from ELA Innovation are heavy duty, long range active RFID tags operating at a frequency of 433MHz. The read range of these tags can reach up to 150 meters (in open air). Designed in a robust industrial IP68 housing these tags can be used in harsh environments.
The R2000 Dual from Robustel is an industrial grade 4G LTE router with two cellular modules and two SIM cards for multiple carriers and continuous cellular connections. This programmable router only needs 3 seconds to switch between two mobile networks in case of network failure.
The RRC1120/1130 from RRC Power Solutions are Li-Ion Smart Single Cell battery packs, characterized by a slim and compact design with high energy density. The special feature of the 1S1P configuration consists in the use of smart technology features in combination with a prismatic Li-ion cell.
On the LCD market, a very dark background and a wide viewing angle is more and more requested. Especially in the field of automotive, medical and industrial applications. The EBTN (Enhanced Black Twisted Nematic) technology from Clover is one of the best negative image, high contrast display technologies. The masking technology between the 2 glass panels of the LCD effectively blocks light providing optimal contrast and an exceptional dark background. The super high contrast ratio (up to 1000:1) exceeds that of conventional TN, STN and FSTN.

The EBTN displays offer 3 best viewing directions in one display, compared with the one direction for conventional displays. Due to their wide operation temperature these displays can be used in a large number of applications, including automotive. These EBTN display series are available in graphic-, character- and 7-segment type.

•  Very dark background, low light leakage
•  Super high contrast of 1000:1
•  Operating temperature: -40° to 85°C
•  Wide viewing angle, 3-side optimized
•  Different colors of backlight available
•  One to one replacement for traditional LCD module
•  Up/down: 60° / 85°
•  Left/right: 85° / 85°
•  Available in icons, 7-segment and graphic type up to 1/64 duty
•  No temperature compensation required

•  Industrial control
•  Automotive
•  Audio equipment
•  Home appliances
•  Communications equipment
The SIM868 is a complete quad-band GSM/GPRS module which combines GNSS technology for satellite navigation made by SIMCom. Featuring an industry-standard interface and GNSS function, it allows variable assets to be tracked seamlessly at any location and anytime with signal coverage.

The SIM868 has a compact design which integrated GPRS and GPS/Glonass in a SMT package. This will significantly save time and costs for customers to develop GNSS enabled applications. The operation temperature is -40°C ~85°C and supply a wealth of application interfaces.
In addition to support GSM/GPRS and GPS, the SIM868 also has voice, MMS and Bluetooth.

The SIM868 can fit almost in all customers applications because of his small size.

•   Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
•   Multi-GNSS, 33 tracking/99 acquisition channel
•   Sensitivity: -165 dBm
•   Time-To-First-Fix
•   Cold starts: 25s (typ.)
•   Hot starts: <1s (typ.)
•   Serial interface
•   Embedded TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/SMTP/POP3/SSL protocol
•   Operation temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C
•   Supply voltage range 3.4 ~ 4.4V
•   Low power consumption
•   Dimensions: 17.6*15.7*2.3mm, Weight: 1.5g

•   Mobile devices
•   AVL, automatic vehicle location devices
•   Asset tracking devices
•   People tracking devices
Next to the CellPac LITE (range of standard Lithium-Ion packs), VARTA Storage GmbH now introduces the CellPac BLOX semi-custom service. CellPac BLOX suits those customers in need of semi-customization and where design-cycles, engineering costs and time to market must be minimized for success. Battery designs are limited in their complexity, but available for nearly no NRE cost and development effort.

You can choose the battery configuration, cells, capacity combination PCM and connector. Up to 25 samples can be ordered to test and validate the design.

There is an NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) charge. NRE is kept as low as possible. Your battery will be a new design, with its own part number. As well as the new drawing, there will be manufacturing and quality documentation established. Fixtures will be produced to ensure repeatable quality and UN38.3 testing and certification is mandatory.

The CellPac BLOX battery can be certified for special requirements, such as IEC62133 edition 2.
Additional certification is possible for medium-to-high volume projects but more time and effort is involved. Please discuss your individual requirements with us.

Why use CellPac BLOX?
Compared to a fully customised design, CellPac BLOX gives you:
•  A better technical fit than an off-the-shelf design
•  Faster product launch
•  Lower costs for battery development
•  Lower MOQs

CellPac BLOX cell options

Cylindrical cells
Nominal capacity range: 2150mAh to 2950mAh
Prismatic cells
Nominal capacity range: 1130mAh to 2030mAh
Polymer cells
Nominal capacity range: 150mAh to 1880mAh

Nautilus series from GradConn is a premium range of dust and waterproof coaxial cable assemblies. With IP67 & IP68 ratings, Nautilus products offer protection from moisture and particle ingress, both mated and unmated.

Working in conjunction with customers this range of waterproof interface connectors is constructed with internal seal and O-Ring, which prevents ingress thru the inner contact and thru the panel. The connectors have been tested to IP6x, IPx7, IPx8 for both 1 and 5 metres underwater, perfect for applications in demanding harsh environments.

Nautilus connectors available are SMA front and rear mount, RP SMA, TNC, RP-TNC & BNC. Cable assemblies are available for a huge variety of coax connectors, specialising in Micro coax types such as Hirose, Murata & I-Pex.

Nautilus series consists of 8 key connector types, with 17 cable assemblies as standard. In addition, hundreds of different Nautilus cable assemblies can be configured to meet your requirements.

•  Asset tracking
•  Metering
•  Agriculture technology
•  Remote sensing
•  Security
•  Rugged hand-helds

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