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Epson Epson

  • Crystals produced with QMEMS Technologie
  • TCXO low voltage, high stability
  • VC-TCXO high stability, CMOS output
  • liCXO - Digitally Temperature-Compensated Crystal
  • Real Time Clock Module (I2C) built in 32.768 kHz-liCXO
  • Texim Europe programming service (PLL-based) Oscillator
TXC TXC Corporation

  • The smallest crystal (1008) 1.0mm x 0.8mm x 0.3mm suitable for f.i. wearable devices
  • Active Low EMI Oscillators lowers Electromagnetic interference
  • Ambient Light and Proximity, miniature 4-in-1 Sensor, with IR VCSEL integrated
  • Crystal and SAW Oscillator
  • VCXO, TCXO and Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  • MCXO Micro Computer Compensated Crystal Oscillator
Aker Aker Technology

  • LVDS & LVPECL crystal oscillator Frequency extension to 160MHz ~ 800MHz
  • SMD Oscillator in 22.5792MHz and 24.576MHz utilized for HiFi Audio
  • -55 to +125 Operating Temperature for all Aker SMD Quartz Crystals
  • Think Texim & Aker, when looking for an Alternative to your obsolete Timing Product

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