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How can I find the right product for my application?

Our website is designed to quickly find, compare & select products matching requirements from a selection of quality components that suit every application.

Please refer to the Website Features section for visual explanation and tips & tricks on how to use our website.

How do I place an order?

To order products from our website you'll need either: a valid Credit Card; PayPal account; iDeal payment option (The Netherlands only); or a valid Texim Europe account. Before you can place an order, you need to add products to your basket. To add products to the basket click the 'Add to Basket' button on the product page of the required product. You can find your basket in the top right corner of the website. To complete your transaction, please follow the ordering procedure and instructions in the payment portal.

Refer to the Payment section for more information about payment methods.

Who can order at Texim Europe?

Texim Europe only delivers to companies. Therefore, during the online checkout process the Company Name and VAT number are both mandatory for customers located in the European Union.

Please refer to the Ordering section for more information about ordering online.
Refer to the Payment section for more information about payment methods.

How can I make a product enquiry?

To make a product enquiry you can do so from every product page or file an enquiry here: Request quote or information.

Do I need a Texim Europe account?

You don't need a Texim Europe account to order products from our website, you can also place an order with a valid credit card, PayPal account, or iDeal payment option.
In the ordering process two login options are presented:
  • order with a Texim Europe account;
  • order as a guest.
For more information about payment options, please refer to the Payment Pricing & Promotions section.

What can I do with my Texim Europe account?

With a Texim Europe account you can order products in the web shop on your company's customer account. By clicking on your account name you can enter the Your Account options. Within these options you can amend your contact information and notification preferences, view your backlog, view your invoices, view your deliveries, and submit an RMA request.

How can I get a Texim Europe account?

You can request a Texim Europe account within the Login Options by clicking on the Login button at the top of the website. You must be in the possession of a customer number, this number can be found on the invoices you receive from Texim Europe (excluding the invoices from orders placed with the guest account).

If you do not posses a customer number, please issue a customer creation request.

Where can I find the general terms of delivery?

The general terms of delivery can be found on the website by visiting the dedicated General Terms of Delivery page.

What are the lead times?

The lead time of each product is different and may vary from day to day. With most products we give you an estimation of the delivery time. If there is no information displayed or if you want to know more about the delivery time, please contact Texim Europe by requesting a quote or information on any product page.

Please visit the Shipping & Deliveries section for more information.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times vary depening on the following factors:
  • destination address;
  • total weight of the order;
  • number of coli;
  • special restrictions and/or dangerous good fees of the ordered product(s);
  • selected carrier.
For more information please refer to the Shipping & Deliveries section.

When will Texim Europe sent my order to me?

For orders entered with your Texim Europe company account: the agreed conditions apply. For information on the status of your order, please contact your internal sales representative.

For orders placed as a guest, all products must be in stock and allocated to your order. As soon as your order has left our warehouse you'll receive a shipping notification with tracking information.Contact us or sent us a message for more information about the possibilities with partial deliveries.

Please note that orders containing dangerous goods (e.g. lithium) have a longer processing time in our warehouse due to special picking instructions and additional safety checks, visit the Shipping & Deliveries section for more information.

How can I change my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible for the possibilities. Call us on +31 (0)53 573 33 33 or sent us a message to inform us with your change.

I have a defective product within its warranty period, what should I do?

Please request an RMA by following the RMA Request process on the website and select the main reason for RMA 'Defective products'.

For more information about returning defective products please refer to the Return & Refunds (RMA) section.

I have received a defective product, what now?

If you have a defective product that went defective or malfunctions right after receiving the product, please request an RMA by following the RMA Request process and select the main reason for RMA 'Defective on arrival'. You must place a request as soon as you notice the defect.

Please refer to the Return & Refunds (RMA) section for more information about returning defective products.

How can I get in touch with Texim Europe?

You can contact Texim in various ways. Visit the contact page for all contact details.

How can I get in touch with a Texim Europe engineer?

If you want more information about a product or solution, you can click on the 'Contact us for support and advice' button found at every product on the website, or visit the contact page for all contact options.

How can I stay informed about the activities of Texim Europe?

Find the latest innovations in our product range on our website, please visit the recent news section or subscribe to our newsletter by amending your notification preferences (Texim Europe account required). For a meet & greet with Texim’s Finest you may want to know where our traveling circus can be found next, please visit the events section.

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