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Explore the architecture components of Industrial IoT: connected devices & sensors; connectivity; gateways & servers; and networking equipment.

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LoRaWAN 868 field test device for network testing

UP LoRa family of indoor and outdoor gateway & network servers, CE RED certified systems

Architecture options

Different architecture options are possible and some aspects must be taken into account depending on requirements. The table lists some differences between typical LoRa Network architectures on some main aspects to be considered. Hybrid models between private infrastructure and provider based solutions are also possible.

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IIoT Components

End device

  • Connected devices with integrated sensors
    Fully functional IoT nodes with sensors already included.
  • Connected device with sensor I/Os
    Fully functional IoT devices with connections for sensors and/or actuators.
  • Module to integrate with your device
    Enabling easy development of customized sensor applications for IoT.

Connectivity, Gateways & Servers

The gateway sets up the connection between the end devices and your own network. The right gateway together with optimal placement, wireless radio, and antenna is crucial for a stable and secure connection within the IIoT technology platform.

In a single gateway set up it is possible to also run the server tasks on the same device if the hardware is powerful enough to run both packet forwarder and server software.

For multiple gateway architectures the server needs to run on a separate central hardware platform in order to properly manage the network and devices. There are many options available for hardware configurations. Find, compare and select our standard systems online, or contact us anytime for assistance.

Networking Equipment

  • Modems
    Connect a serial device with a cellular network
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  • Routers
    Route traffic between cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or other connections.
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  • (Managed) Switches
    Ensure an optimal connection between your equipment.
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IIoT Platform

Platform choice

An important decision to be made is the implementation of the IoT software platform. There are many possibilities and offerings ranging from freely available tools, through PaaS (Platform as a Service) models up to perpetual licensed platform solutions. To establish a complete private IoT platform solution the following software elements should be configured:
  • Packet forwarder
    On every gateway in the network.
  • Server software
    On separate hardware platform or integrated on gateway in a single network setup.

Other software

Other software elements need to run on a separate server platform (or in the cloud):
  • Protocol translation
    i.e. MQTT or HTTP server.
  • Data handling
    Including visualisation of data.
  • Time series database
    Optimised for storing time-data.
  • Analysis/ predictive maintenance
    Using equipment condition monitoring.

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