IIoT devices globally connected through one SIM provider with an easy-to-use data and SIM-management CaaS-platform

CaaS-t away your IoT worries: Plug, Play, Relax

Launching your IoT projects just got a lot smoother! With this CaaS platform, we're here to smoothen your IoT projects. Together with our partners’ integrated data and SIM management platform, and our IoT hardware, you get a hassle-free experience.

Improve your IoT applications with our robust hardware, global connectivity, and efficient data and SIM management. This solution automatically connects your devices to the strongest available signal, improves battery life, and ensures smooth data transmission, without compromising security. With Texim Europe, you can focus on innovation while we take care of the connectivity.




 Embrace the future of IoT with Texim Europe's CaaS. Simplify, connect, and excel. Let us focus on the tech, so you can successfully market your application.


Key features
  • Global coverage with 630+ networks
  • Improved battery life (save up to 50%)
  • Minimize data interruptions
  • Data & SIM-management platform
  • No-code cloud connectors


Market integrations

Product integrations

  • Telematics & automotive
  • Gateway, modem, or router with SIM interface
  • Micro mobility
  • Peripherals with cellular connectivity
  • Logistics
  • BOX/ Panel PCs and boards with SIM slot 
  • Smart cities


  • Asset tracking 



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