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  • TDKMains Filter
  • The B84243A8x series from TDK are very compact EPCOS 3-line EMC filters for frequency converters. These high-performance filters are suitable for a rated voltage of 530VAC in 50/60Hz grids. The compact dimensions lie between 90x40x95mm and 250x85x120mm. The B84243A8 series currently comprises seven different types that are designed for currents of between 3A and 60A, based on a rated temperature of 50°C.

    These EMC filters typically perform according to EN 61800-3 C1 and C2 for motor cable lengths of respectively up to 25 meters and 50 meters.

    Apart from their outstanding EMC performance, these 3-line EMC filters also feature very short discharge times. At currents up to 44A the filters achieve a residual voltage of <60V in less than one second. The 3A version with a leakage current of less than 2mA has been specially developed for plug-in devices that must meet low leakage current limits. The other models have leakage currents of no more than 5.1mA and can also be operated in environments with sensitive residual current devices.

    These filters are designed for a high short-circuit current (SCCR) of 100kA in accordance with UL 508. Approvals according to UL, CSA and ENEC are pending.

    Recessed connections permit optimum access to the mounting bracket, making the filters suitable for installation in switching cabinets or where limited space is available.

    •  Rated voltage of 530VAC in 50/60Hz grids
    •  Typical performance according to EN 61800-3 (up to 50m motor cable length)
    •  Metal case
    •  Outstanding EMC performance
    •  Discharge time up to 44A types: <60V within 1s
    •  Seven different types for currents of between 3A and 60A
    •  Short-circuit-proofed up to 100kA according to UL 508
    •  Metal case
    •  Dimensions between 190x40x95mm and 250x85x120mm
    •  Low leakage currents of just 2 mA to 5mA (at 400 VAC)
    •  Degree of protection: IP 201
    •  Approvals UL/CSA, (ENEC pending)

    •  Frequency converters
    •  Elevators
    •  Three phase drive applications
    •  Textile machines, packaging machines, machine-tools
    •  Pumps
    •  Conveyor systems
    •  HVAC systems

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