Epson M-G370PDT0 IMU

Premium low-noise accurate IMU sensor

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) have expanded into fields where precise position, attitude control, and high stability are crucial. The Epson M-G370PDT0, with six degrees-of-freedom sensors, addresses these demands by providing low-noise and high-accuracy measurements.

The M-G370PDT0 matches the M-G370PDS0 with a 0.03°/√h angle random walk and high noise immunity, ensuring precise detection of slight attitude changes. Like the M-G370PDG0, it offers selectable accelerometer output ranges of ±8G or ±16G and features 0.05% non-linearity on the full-scale range of the gyroscopic sensor.


When the IMU is powered on, stored calibration parameters are automatically applied to the measurement data and sent to the application. Finally, the M-G370PDT0 is cross-compatible with the M-G370PDS0/ PDG0 making performance upgrades easy.


M-G370PDT0 key specifications 




  Gyro: 189Hz, Accelerometer: 333Hz

Output rate

  2000 Sps (max.)

Gyro range

±200 °/s

Bias instability

  0.8 °/hr typ.


  0.03 °/√hr typ.

Acceleration range

  ±8G or±16 G typ.


24 x 24 x 10 mm

Operating temperature

  -40° to +85 °C




Due to these great features, Epson’s M-G370 series was selected by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for use in a free-flying camera robot on the ISS Japanese Experiment Module. The IMU assists with stabilization control for flight and automated docking for battery charging.

 © JAXA/NASA Module (JEM)



Key features
  • Compact and lightweight (1-inch square and 10 grams)
  • Angle random walk of 0.03°/√h
  • Selectable accelerometer output range of ±8G or ±16G
  • Gyroscopic sensor non-linearity of 0.05% (full-scale range)
  • Low current design: 3.3V, 16 mA
  • General-purpose SPI / UART support
  • Cross-compatible with M-G370PDS0 and M-G370PDG0 

  • Camera gimbals
  • Antenna platform stabilization
  • Industrial drones
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Vibration, angle, and trajectory measurement
  • Navigation systems 

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