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    Haaksbergen, March 2009

    Texim Europe BV has, per 23-10-2008, a combined Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Customs simplification and Security and safety certificate. AEO status is a certified standard issued by customs administrations in the EU. It certifies that a business has met certain standards in relation to their security, management systems, compliance with customs rules and ongoing solvency. Under a World Customs Organisation (WCO) initiative an AEO certification may eventually be recognised worldwide.

    After the events in the USA on 11 September 2001, governments worldwide realized that the International Supply Chain could be vulnerable to terrorist exploitation.

    In an effort to reduce this vulnerability the WCO designed a new model for increasing security of the International Supply Chain. These new security measures (which will be introduced in full in the EU from 1 July 2009) have the potential to slow down the movement of goods through customs controls.

    In order to lessen the impact of the new controls the concept of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) was introduced. The intention is that AEO's will be given benefits that will lessen the impact of the new security measures compared to other non-AEO approved businesses.

    Benefits for the AEO holders
    The AEO holders will enjoy the range of advantages arising in particular from simplified, accelerated and economically effective customs procedures. Among others, the AEO will bring also the benefits of:

  • Being
  • recognised as a secure and credible business partner in international trade by business partners from other EU member states and other significant countries (the US, Canada, Switzerland, China, Korea, Brazil)
  • Reduced
  • scope and frequency of customs controls
  • Priority
  • customs clearance
  • Reduced
  • data to be provided in import and export custom declarations.
  • The
  • notification of a customs control made in advance and the possibility to choose a place where the control will be performed

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    Olav Ofman
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