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Touchscreen size 5.8 inch   
Aspect ratio 4:3   
Input method Stylus , Finger , Gloved Hand   
Touch input Single-touch   
Tail location 9 o'clock   
Tail connector AMP   
Tail length 80 mm   
Activation force (max) 50 g   
Expected lifetime 100000 touches   
Viewable area Length: 122.6 mm   
Width: 93.8 mm   
Active area Length: 116.2 mm   
Width: 87.3 mm   
Dimensions Length: 137.5 mm   
Width: 107.5 mm   
Height: 1.35 mm   
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C   
Surface hardness 3H   
Surface finish Non-glare   
Transparency 78 %   

5.8 inch resistive 4-wire touchscreen, FPC tail with AMP connector
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