Recent 'Reed Relay' News

Coto Technology released four new relay families capable of operating in a wide temperature range environments. These relays are intended for automotive, test and/or instrumentation applications that require operating temperature from -40°C to 125°C. The 2270, 2370, 2970 thru-hole and the 9270 (SMD) series have been designed to provide stable contact resistance and relay operation over the full temperature range without de-rating electrical parameters. The relays are available for 5 and 12 volt applications, and feature multi-pole designs with coaxial shield options. All series are RoHS compliant.

High reliability reed relays - 2270 series
•  Very small footprint
•  High insulation resistance (1012 ohm)
•  Long life & high reliability
•  Hermetically sealed contacts for long life
•  Epoxy coated steel shell provides magnetic shielding
•  Specifically for OEM designs & maintenance of existing production fixtures
Small multi-pole reed relays - 2370 series
•  Available with 2 Form A, 3 Form A and 2 Form C contacts
•  Hermetically sealed contacts
•  Long life / high reliability
•  Magnetically shielding steel shell
Coaxial reed relay - 2970 series
•  Very small footprint , high reliability reed relays
•  Form A and 1 Form C coaxial relay
•  High insulation resistance
•  Hermetically sealed contacts for long life
•  Epoxy coated steel shell provides magnetic shielding
Surface mount reed relays - 9270 series
•  High insulation resistance (1012 ohm minimum)
•  High reliability, hermetically sealed contacts for long life
•  50ohm coaxial shield for RF & fast rise time pulse switching
•  External magnetic shield
•  Tape & reel available

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