Recent 'TDK' News

TDK has developed a new line of EPCOS surge arresters that are designed especially for AC power line applications based on the IEC lightning protection zone concept. These arresters meet the requirements for class I, II, and III protection with current capabilities of up to 100 kA for L-N as well as N-PE applications.
The HVC500 from TDK Corporation is a bipolar high-voltage contactor specially designed to meet the requirements of high-voltage DC switching applications. With an operating voltage of up to 1000VDC and a high continuous current of 500A these contactors can be used in a wide range of applications where fast and reliable switching operations are required.
The B84142A*166 series from TDK is a series of 2-line EMC filters designed for rated currents of 10A, 16A, and 30A at a rated voltage of 250VAC (50/60Hz). These filters are very compact in size: the 10A and 16A types measure only 84.5x52x38mm, and the 30A version only 130x84x69mm. This permits mounting even when space is very limited.

Another feature of the B84142A*166 is its extremely low leakage current of less than 0.5mA and 1.8mA. This prevents unintentional tripping of ground fault circuit interrupters (also known as residual current devices). In addition to their compact size, these filters offer a very high insertion loss of up to more than 100dB.

The new filters meet the requirements for climate category 25/100/21, IEC 60068-1 and protection class IP00. The filters can be operated without derating at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. Approvals to EN, UL and CSA are pending. Applications for the new EMC filters include converters and power electronics systems.

•  Very high insertion loss of up to and exceeding 100 dB
•  Easy to install
•  Rated currents: 10A, 16A or 30A
•  Rated voltage: 250VAC (50/60 Hz) / 250VDC
•  Very compact design
•  Degree of protection IP 201 (for 30A model)
•  Extremely low leakage current of < 0.5 to 1.8mA
•  Tab connectors
•  Finger-safe terminal blocks
•  UL and cUL approval
•  ENEC approval pending

•  Elevators
•  Conveyor systems
•  Pumps
•  Traction systems
•  HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
•  Power supplies
•  DC applications
The B82559 series (ERU25) from TDK is a series of helically wound SMD high-current chokes with current capabilities of up to 71A. The ERU25 is based on improved ferrite cores and the flat rectangular wires that allow a copper filling factor of almost 100 percent.

The low core losses and compact terminal areas of the self-supporting winding mean an excellent energy storage density. Despite its high performance, these chokes have a footprint of only 23.5 x 25.3mm2 and insertion heights that vary between 8.95 and 12.85mm.

The inductance values cover the range from 0.44 to 10 uH, and its permissible rated currents are between 24 and 71A for series resistances of 0.2 to 2.2 mohm.

•  High rated current, up to 71A
•  Extremely low DC resistance
•  Rated inductance: 0.44 to 10 uH
•  Series resistances: 0.2 to 2.2 mohm
•  Very low profile and extremely small footprint (23.5 x 25.3mm2)
•  Suitable for pick-and-place processes
•  RoHS-compatible
•  Easily customized

•  DC/DC converters
•  Distributed power supplies
•  Intermediate bus converters
•  VRM modules
•  POL converters
•  Solar converters
The sine-wave filters from TDK are EMC filters for frequency converters designed to reduce the proportion of high clock frequencies at the output of converters. This allows the interference-free operation of variable speed drives with long motor cables.

Motors are often connected to converters over distances of more than 100 meters. The parasitic capacitances of such long cables result in reactive power. Motor noises and increased eddy current losses are also produced. TDK sine-wave filters significantly reduce these negative effects. Moreover, they can reduce filtering requirements at the input of the converters, so that less expensive types can be used there.

Sine-wave filters of the B84143V*R227, *229 and *230 series are designed for continuous currents of 4 to 320A at rated voltages of between 520 and 690V. The permissible clock frequency of the converters is between 2.4 and 16kHz, depending on the type.

Where it is also desirable to dispense with shielded motor cables, it is recommended to use the B84143V*R127 filter series with SineFormer® technology.

EMC service - measurement - analysis - consultation - reporting
The EPCOS EMC Laboratory in Regensburg offers comprehensive, in-depth EMC services: from pre compliance investigations on prototypes to conformity testing of series-production equipment. A test report provides proof of compliance with the relevant standards and is the basis for the customer's declaration of conformity.

•  Reduction of motor noise and eddy current losses
•  Generation of sinusoidal phase-to-phase voltage with low ripple dv/dt reduction
•  Easy to install
•  Compact design with natural cooling
•  Continuous currents of 4 to 320A
•  Rated voltages between 520 and 690V
•  Up to 10 meters wiring between inverter and filter, operation under full load
•  IP20 up to 95A
•  IP21 housing B84143Q
•  No shielded cables needed
•  Up to 180A: tube clip for convenient shield bonding
•  UL approved insulation system T-EIS-CF1

•  Elevators
•  Traction and conveyer systems
•  Pumps
•  HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
The B84243A8x series from TDK are very compact EPCOS 3-line EMC filters for frequency converters. These high-performance filters are suitable for a rated voltage of 530VAC in 50/60Hz grids. The compact dimensions lie between 90x40x95mm and 250x85x120mm. The B84243A8 series currently comprises seven different types that are designed for currents of between 3A and 60A, based on a rated temperature of 50°C.

These EMC filters typically perform according to EN 61800-3 C1 and C2 for motor cable lengths of respectively up to 25 meters and 50 meters.

Apart from their outstanding EMC performance, these 3-line EMC filters also feature very short discharge times. At currents up to 44A the filters achieve a residual voltage of <60V in less than one second. The 3A version with a leakage current of less than 2mA has been specially developed for plug-in devices that must meet low leakage current limits. The other models have leakage currents of no more than 5.1mA and can also be operated in environments with sensitive residual current devices.

These filters are designed for a high short-circuit current (SCCR) of 100kA in accordance with UL 508. Approvals according to UL, CSA and ENEC are pending.

Recessed connections permit optimum access to the mounting bracket, making the filters suitable for installation in switching cabinets or where limited space is available.

•  Rated voltage of 530VAC in 50/60Hz grids
•  Typical performance according to EN 61800-3 (up to 50m motor cable length)
•  Metal case
•  Outstanding EMC performance
•  Discharge time up to 44A types: <60V within 1s
•  Seven different types for currents of between 3A and 60A
•  Short-circuit-proofed up to 100kA according to UL 508
•  Metal case
•  Dimensions between 190x40x95mm and 250x85x120mm
•  Low leakage currents of just 2 mA to 5mA (at 400 VAC)
•  Degree of protection: IP 201
•  Approvals UL/CSA, (ENEC pending)

•  Frequency converters
•  Elevators
•  Three phase drive applications
•  Textile machines, packaging machines, machine-tools
•  Pumps
•  Conveyor systems
•  HVAC systems
TDK Corporation offers two new 105°C snap-in series of EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a very high ripple current capability and a longer useful life of up to 8000h. The thermal resistances and ESR values of both series were further reduced, so that the ripple current capability was significantly increased. Depending on the type, these capacitors have dimensions of between 25 x 25 mm and 35 x 55 mm (d x h). They are designed for a maximum ambient temperature of 105°C.

The B43545 capacitors are available with rated voltages of 400VDC and 450VDC, capacitances of 82uF to 820uF and a useful life of 5000h. The capacitors of the B43547 series have a useful life of 8000h, a voltage range from 200VDC to 450VDC and capacitances of 82uF to 2200uF.

•  Outstanding ripple current capability
•  Very long useful life
•  High CV product, compact
•  High reliability
•  Extremely improved performance at high frequencies
•  Outstanding low ESR at operating conditions above 50°C
•  Optimized internal thermal resistance
•  Different case sizes available for each capacitance value
•  All insulation versions pass the needle flame test according to IEC 60695-11-5 for all flame exposure times up to 120s
•  Base cooling available upon request
•  RoHS-compatible

•  Frequency converters for drives
•  Solar inverters
•  Industrial power supplies
•  Medical appliances
•  Telecommunications
The B86301U from TDK EPC is a new series of motor chokes (dv/dt chokes) for the output side of frequency converters. These components are designed for a rated voltage of 520VAC. Their current capabilities range from 8A to 1500A, depending on the type.

Motor chokes are longitudinal chokes, through which the total motor current flows. Their inductance flattens the steep current and voltage edges at the output of the frequency converter so that the parasitic capacitances of the connected motor cables are less strongly charged and discharged. Motor chokes are used mainly to protect the motor windings from voltage peaks.

The B86301U series is suitable for motor cables with a length of up to about 100 m at motor frequencies of 0Hz to 400Hz. The smaller types are designed for a maximum switching frequency of 16kHz, whereas this drops to 2.5kHz for types with current capabilities exceeding 500A. The design of the chokes corresponds to the IEC 60076-6 standard. All types of the new series are manufactured with the UL-approved T-EIS-CF1 electrical insulation system.

•  Reduction of voltage stress at the motor
•  dv/dt reduction
•  Easy to install
•  Low weight
•  Compact design
•  Design complies with IEC 60076-6
•  Degree of protection:
      IP20 (8A to 24A)
      IP10 (45A to 112A)
      IP00 (180A to 1500A)
•  Optimized for motor cables (up to 50 m) and operation under full load
•  UL approved insulation system T-EIS-CF1

•  Elevators
•  Pumps
•  Traction and conveyer systems
•  HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
The latest SAW resonators from TDK EPCOS feature greatly reduced tolerance around the center frequency. Compared to predecessor types, the tolerance was narrowed down by 50 percent and is now only +/- 25 kHz at 433.92MHz. As a result transmitters can now be configured with very narrow bands, which both increases the sensitivity of the receivers and reduces their susceptibility to interference. It also enables greater transmission ranges.

These SAW resonators have a footprint of 3x3mm and are mounted in hermetically sealed packages. They satisfy the AEC-Q200 requirements and can operate within a temperature range of -45° to +125°C.

The R1920 (433.92 MHz) series for example is suitable for high-precision wireless transmitters in automotive electronic applications such as remote keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring systems as well as for many other applications in the ISM bands.

•  Tight frequency tolerances: +/- 25kHz
•  Quartz substrate
•  Package size 3.0x3.0mm
•  Identical pinning for all standard frequencies
•  Operating temperature range: -45° to +125°C
•  Full level 3 PPAP available
•  RoHS compatible
•  Ni, gold-plated terminals
•  AEC-Q200 qualified component family

•  Remote keyless entry
•  Tire-pressure monitoring
•  Alarm systems
•  Garage door openers
•  Home convenience

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