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Using proven TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) technology, the high-performance RedRock™ RR121 TMR digital logic sensors from Coto Technology offer high magnetic sensitivity with high hysteresis, EMF resistance, and a small package size, all while consuming almost NO POWER! These sensor devices offer multiple configurations of several parameters to enable applications like proximity sensing, rotary sensing, and level detection.
The high-performance RedRock™ series from Coto are TMR magnetic sensors and switches in a standard SOT-23 package. Featuring an incredibly tiny footprint, high sensitivity and low power consumption, this robust product line will fit perfectly into any design where space and power are critical.

The 2362 series reed relay from Coto Technology is the SMD version of the popular 2342 series pico relay. This surface mountable 2 Form C reed relay is designed for high reliability and offers a proven reed design with longer life than competing 2 Form C EMR products.

These reed relays are available with 5V and 12V coil voltages, and are able to switch up to 3W. The
2362 is the ideal solution for automated test, instrumentation and telecommunication applications to increase system reliability and life.

• &nbsp2 Form C contacts
• &nbspHermetically sealed contacts
• &nbspCoil voltages: 5V and 12V
• &nbsp3W switched power
• &nbspLong life & high reliability
• &nbspMagnetically shielding steel shell
• &nbspSMD version of popular 2-Form C 2342
• &nbspGull wing terminal style
• &nbspDimensions (LxWxH): 20,6 x 6,6 x 9,4mm
• &nbspRoHS compliant

• &nbspAutomated test equipment
• &nbspInstrumentation
• &nbspTelecommunication

Coto Technology released four new relay families capable of operating in a wide temperature range environments. These relays are intended for automotive, test and/or instrumentation applications that require operating temperature from -40°C to 125°C. The 2270, 2370, 2970 thru-hole and the 9270 (SMD) series have been designed to provide stable contact resistance and relay operation over the full temperature range without de-rating electrical parameters. The relays are available for 5 and 12 volt applications, and feature multi-pole designs with coaxial shield options. All series are RoHS compliant.

High reliability reed relays - 2270 series
•  Very small footprint
•  High insulation resistance (1012 ohm)
•  Long life & high reliability
•  Hermetically sealed contacts for long life
•  Epoxy coated steel shell provides magnetic shielding
•  Specifically for OEM designs & maintenance of existing production fixtures
Small multi-pole reed relays - 2370 series
•  Available with 2 Form A, 3 Form A and 2 Form C contacts
•  Hermetically sealed contacts
•  Long life / high reliability
•  Magnetically shielding steel shell
Coaxial reed relay - 2970 series
•  Very small footprint , high reliability reed relays
•  Form A and 1 Form C coaxial relay
•  High insulation resistance
•  Hermetically sealed contacts for long life
•  Epoxy coated steel shell provides magnetic shielding
Surface mount reed relays - 9270 series
•  High insulation resistance (1012 ohm minimum)
•  High reliability, hermetically sealed contacts for long life
•  50ohm coaxial shield for RF & fast rise time pulse switching
•  External magnetic shield
•  Tape & reel available

Coto Technology has announced the release of the CotoMOS® CTA17/CSA17, a new addition to their CotoMOS® product line of solid state relays. The CTA17/CSA17 series features a current switching capability to 120mA with a low on-resistance of 30 ohms (max.).

Designed for telecommunications, these CotoMOS® solid state relays combine a CotoMOS® MOSFET relay with an integrated photocoupler. The CTA17/CSA17 series is a part of Coto's newest product line of professional-grade MOSFET relays, which provide a high performance, solid-state solution for applications requiring low input power and virtually unlimited life. The CotoMOS® CTA17/CSA17 features a 1A contact form and comes in either a 8-pin through-hole or 8-pin surface mount package.

•  1A contact form
•  Load voltage: 350V max.
•  Operation LED current: 3.0mA max.
•  Load current: 120mA max.
•  On-resistance: 30 ohms max.
•  Low off-state leakage current: 1.0uA max.
•  I/O breakdown voltage: 3750Vrms max.

•  Telecom switching
•  Dial pulsing
•  Modem switching
•  Loop current sensing
•  On/off hook control
•  Ring current detection

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