HVC series contactors from TDK

High-voltage contactors for DC switching applications

The HVC500 from TDK Corporation is a bipolar high-voltage contactor specially designed to meet the requirements of high-voltage DC switching applications. With an operating voltage of up to 1000VDC and a high continuous current of 500A these contactors can be used in a wide range of applications where fast and reliable switching operations are required.

Arcs that occur when disconnecting the DC load are quickly and safely extinguished with a gas in the hermetically sealed switching chamber. The HVC500, with its dimensions of 89 mm x 44 mm x 93.5 mm (l x w x h) is available in drive versions for 12V or 24V. Both versions have a power of 6W at the rated voltage. As an option, these contactors can be equipped with a circuit for detecting the switching status.


Other available products in the HVC series are the HVC200 (450V/200A), the HVC300 (900V/300A),

and the HVC500&HVC501 resp. 900V & 1kV both 500A. A version with “Stuckdetection” - reed switch and / or voltage and temperature sensor is available on request.

Key features
  • Bipolar design
  • 1 million nominal switching cycles
  • Operating voltage up to 900V
  • High continuous current of up to 500A
  • High-speed extinguishing of arcs
  • Optional detection of switching status
  • EMI free, hermetically sealed and RoHS compatible
  • Robust design with exceptional electrical & mechanical reliability
  • UL 60947-4-1 in preparation
  • Optional detection of switching status

  • E-mobility applications
  • DC fast charging stations
  • Renewable energy storage systems
  • Battery disconnect units
  • High-voltage/high-current applications 

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