135A high current terminal blocks

Terminal blocks that bring power to your PCB

Nowadays the trend to downsize components, combined with the desire to bring more power to the PCB is a challenging. The 135 Amp high current terminal block series from SAURO will help you make your design compact, flexible and reliable under demanding conditions.

The MSP/MPS/MPP series is a compact connector solution with which you are capable of bringing a maximum of 135 Amp to your PCB. These series come in a wide range of different versions and pitches and are suitable for use in reflow ovens. The completely automated production of these terminal blocks results in zero functional defect on each part. The standard products are quickly available.


Do you need a customized solution? Due to the flexibility of tooling the insulating housings and metallic components can be designed and manufactured fully customized.


Key features



 MSP - 41A - 6mm2 - 10 AWG - 450V

  • Modular, angles: 0°, 35° or 90°
  • Number of poles: up to 9
  • Pitches: 6,35mm - 7,62mm - 9,52mm
  • Approvals: UL - IEC - VDE - IMQ - CSA


 MPS - 76A - 16mm2 - 6 AWG - 1000V

  • Stackable, with or without flanges
  • Number of poles: up to 9
  • Pitches: 10,16mm
  • Approvals: UL - VDE


 MPP - 135A - 35mm2 - 1 AWG - 1000V

  • Stackable, with or without flanges
  • Number of poles: up to 12
  • Pitches: 15mm
  • Approvals: UL - CUL - IEC






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