RRC FlatPAQ series: extremely thin rechargeable battery packs
The FlatPAQ extremely thin rechargeable litium-ion battery packs come with worldwide approvals and certification of safety standards. Smart batteries with features according to the SMBus specification or I²C communication.

Available FlatPAQs:
  • RRC1120: 1S1P with 3.60V / 2.35Ah / 8.46Wh / I²C
  • RRC1130: 1S1P with 3.80V / 3.81Ah / 14.47Wh / I²C
  • RRC2130: 2S1P with 7.20V / 4.17Ah / 30.02Wh / SMBus
  • RRC2140: 3S1P with 10.80V / 4.17Ah / 45.04Wh / SMBus

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Products in serie


RRC1120 Li-ion Standard Battery Pack 3.6V 2350mAh 8.5Wh I2C


RRC1130 Li-ion Semi-smart battery 3.8V 3810mAh 14.47Wh I2C


Li-ion Smart Battery Pack 7.20V 4.17Ah 30.02Wh

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