UP Xtreme (Lite / i11)

UP Xtreme series: SBC with Celeron, Atom, Pentium or Core i3/i5/i7 SoC
The UP Xtreme is a high performance UP Board with expandable features. Integrated Ultra-Low Power (max. TDP of 15W) Intel Core i3/i5/i7 and Celeron are designed to boost Artificial Intelligence on the edge.

Available UP Xtreme boards:
  • UP Xtreme: high-performance and complete
  • UP Xtreme Lite: high-performance and configurable
  • UP Xtreme i11: latest SoC and configurable
UP Xtreme variants
The UP Xtreme boards are available with an Intel Whiskey Lake or Tiger Lake System-on-Chip and various memory and storage options. Besides available expansion add-ons to choose from, the i11 & Lite variants of the UP Xtreme let you configure your own memory and storage.
Cores (Threads) Base frequency Burst frequency TDP (W) Graphics
UP Xtreme & UP Xtreme Lite
Celeron 4305UE 2 (2) 2.00 GHz - 15 UHD 610
Core i3-8145UE 2 (4) 2.20 GHz 3.90 GHz 15 UHD 620
Core i5-8365UE 4 (8) 1.60 GHz 4.10 GHz 15 UHD 620
Core i7-8665UE 4 (8) 1.70 GHz 4.40 GHz 15 UHD 620
Core i7-8665U 4 (8) 1.90 GHz 4.80 GHz 15 UHD 0.3/1.15 GHz
UP Xtreme i11
Celeron 6305E 2 (2) 1.80 GHz - 15 UHD 1.25 GHz
Core i3-1115GRE 2 (4) 2.20 GHz 3.90 GHz 15 UHD 1.25 GHz
Core i5-1145GRE 4 (8) 1.50 GHz 4.10 GHz 15 Iris Xe 1.30 GHz
Core i7-1185GRE 4 (8) 1.80 GHz 4.40 GHz 15 Iris Xe 1.35 GHz

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Products in serie


UP Xtreme i11 SBC, Celeron 6305E


UP Xtreme i11 SBC, Core i3-1115GRE


UP Xtreme i11 SBC, Core i5-1145GRE


UP Xtreme i11 SBC, Core i7-1185GRE


UP Xtreme SBC, Celeron 4305UE, 4GB / 64GB


UP Xtreme SBC, Core i3-8145UE, 8GB / 64GB


UP Xtreme Lite SBC, Core i5-8265UE


UP Xtreme SBC, Core i5-8365UE, 8GB / 64GB


UP Xtreme Lite SBC, Core i5-8265U


UP Xtreme Lite SBC, Core i7-8565UE


UP Xtreme SBC, Core i7-8665UE, 16GB / 64GB

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