• Small, sensitive TMR digital magnetic sensor

  • Using proven TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) technology, the high-performance RedRock™ RR121 TMR digital logic sensors from Coto Technology offer high magnetic sensitivity with high hysteresis, EMF resistance, and a small package size, all while consuming almost NO POWER! These sensor devices offer multiple configurations of several parameters to enable applications like proximity sensing, rotary sensing, and level detection.
  • True contactless position sensors

  • The true hall-effect contactless position sensors from PIHER provide excellent repeatability, accuracy, resolution, linearity and high stability under harsh environment conditions such as vibration, electromagnetic noise, shock, extreme temperatures, dither, moisture or dirt.
  • Ultra-miniature TMR magnetic sensors and switches

  • The high-performance RedRock™ series from Coto are TMR magnetic sensors and switches in a standard SOT-23 package. Featuring an incredibly tiny footprint, high sensitivity and low power consumption, this robust product line will fit perfectly into any design where space and power are critical.
  • Active RFID sensors for Identification, measurement and tracking

  • ELA Innovation develops readers and active RFID tags to monitor goods for the tracking of tools and equipment in the logistics industry, as well as man-down alarm technology. Its activities hinge around the research & development, manufacturing and sales of high range active RFID solutions, industrial wireless sensors and connected objects.

    ELA’s greatest growth has been in the deployment of ’telematics solutions’ for trucks and trailers, in which data about goods and drivers is transmitted via wireless sensors and tags to a reader, and is then forwarded by a cellular connection, such as the
    FOX3 from Falcom, to a back-end server.

    The systems are used to identify the conditions of goods within a trailer, along with the open or closed status of the trailer door. This information is paired with GPS-based data, collected by a user’s automatic vehicle location box (such as the FOX3 from Falcom) and sent to a server. This way users can receive alerts of the unexpected opening of a trailer or the breaching of an accepted temperature range within the trailer.

    •   Wide range of active tags, readers, software and antennas
    •   Long RF range (up to 100m)
    •   Robust industrial products
    •   Trailer’s temperature and humidity monitoring
    •   Trailer & Driver ID
    •   Event detection (doors opening, contact detection, asset’s movement, etc.)
    •   Active RFID Integration with fleet management solutions
    •   Automatic asset inventory
    •   Battery life up to 10 years

    •   Refrigerated transport
    •   Transport of blood
    •   Biomedical transport
    •   Pharmaceutical industry
    •   Monitoring drill temperature

    At picture
    1. SCIEL reader lite connected to FOX3
    2. Active RFID tag for Driver ID
    3. Active RFID tag for Trailer ID
    4. Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor for Temperature Monitoring
    5. Wireless RFID Humidity Monitoring
    6. Active RFID TAG for Asset ID for Automatic Inventory
    7. Wireless RFID Magnetic Sensor for Door Opening Detection

  • Extended mains chokes meet future EMC requirements

  • One of the most important environmental conditions for the smooth operation of electrical equipment is a reliable quality of supply networks. In view of the increasing network pollution and the necessary reduction to comply with the power network stability, the requirements are to be adapted to device manufacturers to comply with the electromagnetic compatibility.

    As from April 2016 the harmonization of the EU Directive 2004/108/EC towards the new version of the 2014/30/EG will be effective. In order to meet these future requirements on the grid-connected emissions, HAHN already provides an extended mains choke series, which allows you within very short time to optimize the EMC-features of your device, compliant to the new standard specifications.

    With a power range up to 10A as well as a wide range of inductance values, this series covers completely the range of common household appliances using their typical plug connected load. Through compliance with the standards in relation to the relevant standards EN 61558-2-20 for chokes, EN 62041, as well as the compliance with the glow wire tests of all materials used in accordance with EN 60335-1 and the use of insulation to the insulation class B and F UL 1446, the integration of these components is quick and easy.

    •  Excellent temperature fluctuation resistance properties
    •  High electrical safety and long service-life features
    •  High voltage resistance to core
    •  Open or vacuum-encapsulated versions
    •  Per item tested quality with certificate
    •  Self-extinguishing cast housing and sealing material
    •  Come with test certifications to ENEC 10-, VDE, UL- and CSA-regulations
    •  According to REACH and RoHs regulations


    BVD EI 306BVD EI 382BVD EI 423BVD EI 482BVD EI 542
    Inductivity1.0 to 20.0mH1.0 to 15.0mH1.0 to 20.0mH1.0 to 20.0mH1.0 to 20.0mH
    Nominal current (max.)5.2A4.7A5.9A8.7A7.7A
    Height (max.) 34.3mm28.6mm38.3mm39mm42.3mm

    •  Industrial and household equipment
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