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    Introducing the 2J2183Ba-B17H, a high-performance wall-mounted antenna designed for 5GNR and 4G LTE bands, as well as 3G and 2G cellular networks. The 2J2183Ba-B17H is a high-performance, wall-mount, ground plane independent antenna, allowing for versatile deployment options in various environments.

    Cables 1 and 2 support 5 GNR and cover frequency ranges of 617-960 MHz, 1427-2690 MHz, 3300-5000 MHz, and 5150-5925 MHz.

    This antenna has a peak gain of up to 4 dBi and it operates on a linear polarization with an omni-directional radiation pattern. It has an efficiency of about 66.6%, ensuring a reliable and consistent signal reception.

    Suggested applications include:
    The 5GNR antenna is suitable for various applications that require high-speed data transmission, low latency, and reliable connectivity in the 5G network. Some of the common applications of the 5GNR antenna include:
  • Smart Cities: IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, and other applications that require high-speed connectivity.
  • Industrial Automation: real-time monitoring, control, and automation of manufacturing processes.
  • Entertainment: online gaming, virtual reality, and live streaming of high-definition content.
  • Transportation: connected cars, intelligent transportation systems, and smart traffic management.
  • Public Safety: smart surveillance, emergency response, and disaster management, providing reliable and real-time communication for first responders.

  • Customized Cable and Connector


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Operating temperature -40 / +85 °C   
Technology 5G NR , 4G , 3G , 2G   
Application market 2G , 3G , LTE , 5G NR   
Dimensions Length: 325 mm   
Width: 135 mm   
Height: 155 mm   
Certifications IP67   
Technology Cellular   
Frequency range 617 - 960 MHz , 1427 - 2690 MHz , 3300 - 5000 MHz , 5150 - 5925 MHz   
Antenna type Colinear   
Mounting type Wall Mount   

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