Fully Dedicated for Telematics Applications

    Easy, Flexible and Wireless solution for:
  • Automatic identification (driver, trailer, assets)
  • Automatic sensor monitoring(temperature, humidity, third party analog sensor
  • Automatic event detection (door opening, asset movement)

  • RS232 Interface for connection with your AVL device

    Compact form factor for easy integration in any vehicle

    Powerful “Hub” for all ELA Active Tags and Wireless RFID sensors.

    Internal RFID 433MHz antenna AND external antenna connector

  • Cable should be ordered separately RS232-USB-CABLE-ELA

  • SCIBT22D


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Manufacturer Ela   
Operating Temperature -40 - +70 °C   
Housing 96 x 40 x 20 mm   
Receiving range (open field) < 80 m   
Outputs RS232   
Power supply 10-26VDC / 5VDC   


Antenna 433MHz, SMA Male Nickel

2J0115-433-C20N-2JA View product

2J6510B, 2,5 m RG58, TETRA 433MHZ SMA Male Nickel

2J6510B-250RG58-C91N-2JA View product

2J6510M, 2,5 m RG58, TETRA 433MHZ SMA Male Nickel

2J6510M-250RG58-C91N-2JA View product

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