• Extra cover lens possible (Air Gap feature)
  • This feature provides the possibility to put an extra cover glass in front of the existing transparent Glass Film Film (G/F/F) Sensor.


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Touchscreen size 15 inch   
Aspect ratio 4:3   
Touchscreen architecture Glass Film Film   
Touchscreen resolution 4096x4096   
Input method Finger , Conductive Pen   
Touch input Multi-touch , Up to 10 touches   
Tail location 6 o'clock   
Tail connector ZIF, 6-pin 1mm pitch   
Activation force (max) 0 g   
Touch controller Onboard COF   
Touch controller details Chip: Excalibur 3000   
Interface: USB   
Coverglass thickness 1.1 mm   
Cover lens border color Transparent   
Expected lifetime 10000000 touches   
Signal-to-noise ratio 32V   
Environmental Relative humidity: 95% @60 °C, Non-condensing   
Active area Length: 308.13 mm   
Width: 232.02 mm   
Dimensions Length: 324.2 mm   
Width: 256.8 mm   
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C   
Transparency 86 %   
Particularities 4 fixing holes for grounding on COF   
Electric Input voltage: 3.5 to 5.5 V   
Power consumption (standby): <64 mA   
Power consumption (active): <106 mA   

Direct alternatives

15" PCT, 3mm black PMMA glas, 6p ZIF,COF

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15" PCT, 6mm black ceramic glas, 6p ZIF,COF

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XcalibuR: Advanced Controller Solution

15-inch Projected Capacitive Touchscreen, XcalibuR line, 1.1mm CS trans. cover glass, 6p Z
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