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65 Watt SMBUS desktop universal battery charger for smart batteries


  • Single bay fast charger
  • For the standard battery form factors RRC20xx, DR36s, DR202s or smart batteries with a similar footprint
  • Simple operation – Plug and Play
  • Automatic recognition and calibration of smart battery learned capacity.
  • External power supply for worldwide use.
  • Country specific AC input cables available see tab related products.


Charging bays 1
Charge voltage 0 to 16.8 V
Charge current up to 4 A
Power 60 W
Length 151 mm
Width 90 mm
Weight 198 g
Supported battery RRC-2020, RRC-2024, RRC-2040, RRC-2040-2, RRC-2054, RRC-2054-2, RRC-2057 
Input voltage 18 to 24 DC V
Type designation SMBUS battery charger
Type number RRC-SMB-UBC-RRC


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RRC-SMB-MBC-RRC SMBUS Mini Battery Charger for RRC204x & RRC205x

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