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  • RedRockā„¢ RR120 TMR Digital Sensor
  • The RedRock 120 Series is an integrated digital magnetic sensor ideal for use in medical,industrial, automotive and consumer switching applications.
  • Based on patented Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology with CMOS process, the RR120 Series can function even in low magnetic fields with large air gaps.
  • The RR120 Series provides high sensitivity with low power consumption in a small footprint package.

  • Features
  • High sensitivity
    Stable temperature performance
    Resistant to mechanical stress
    Low power consumption
    High frequency performance
    Logic output for design flexibility
    REACH Compliant
    RoHS Compliant

  • Operating Characteristics
  • Operate Sensitivity: Min.20G Typ.30G Max.40G
    Release Sensitivity: Min.8G Typ.15G Max.25G
    Hysteresis: 50%
    Operate Time: 600nS
    Release Time: 600nS

  • Supply Voltage: Min.2.7 Vcc Typ.3.0Vcc Max.3.3Vcc
    Average Current Drain: Typ.350nA Max.400nA
    Output Voltage (High): 2.7Vouth
    Output Voltage (Low): 0.2Voutl

  • Operating Temperature: Industrial -40 85C
    Storage Temperature: -55 150C
    Soldering Temperature (3 cycles, 1 min.) : 260C
    Operating Magnetic Field: 100G
    ESD Level (HBM): 4000V


Magnetic Polarity Unipolar
Magnetic Sensitivity Op:30 Rel:15
Package SOT-23
Temperature Rating C -40 - 85
Type Digital
LxWxT 2.9x1.6x1.2 mm
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