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RN-131G embedded wireless 802.11 b/g networking module
Information: This product is not intended for new designs.


    The RN-131G module is a complete, ultra low power embedded TCP/IP solution and stand alone, embedded wireless 802.11 b/g networking module. The combination of ultra low power, and the ability to wake up, connect to a wireless network, send data, and return to sleep mode in less than 100 milliseconds, allows the RN-131G to run for years on two standard AAA batteries. Using only 100mW when awake and 10uW when asleep, this remarkable power efficiency makes possible a new class of internet-enabled products. The RN-131G module incorporates a 2.4GHz radio, processor, TCP/IP stack, real-time clock, crypto accelerator, power management, and analog sensor interfaces. This complete solution is preloaded with software to simplify integration and minimize development time for applications. In the simplest configuration, the hardware only requires four connections (PWR, TX, RX, GND) to create a wireless data connection. The transmit range can be up to 330' (100m), depending upon environmental considerations.

  • Ultra low power 4uA sleep, 35mA RX and 200mA max TX
  • Supports Adhoc and infrastructure networking
  • UART hardware interfaces
  • 10 general purpose digital I/O
  • 8 analog sensor interfaces
  • Real-time clock for time-stamping, auto-sleep, and auto-wakeup modes
  • Accepts 3.3VDC regulated or 2-3VDC battery
  • Configuration over UART or wireless interfaces using simple ASCII commands
  • Over the air firmware upgrade (FTP)
  • Secure WiFi authentication WEP-128, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK
  • Built-in networking applications DHCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, ICMP


Type of product WiFi module 
Digital interface UART 
Antenna interface Internal, U.FL 
Power output +18dBm
Mounting SMT


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