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7 inch projective capacitive touchscreen, FPC tail with ZIF connector


    Please refer to the document 'Controller and Interface' for the default and other interface information


Touchscreen size 7 inch
Input method Finger, Gloved Hand 
Touch input Dual-touch 
Tail location 5 o'clock
Tail connector ZIF, 10-pin 0.5mm pitch
Activation force (max) 0 g
Touch controller detailsChip: PM2201 supported
Interface: UART|I2C|USB
Interface connector: UART|I2C|USB
Supported OS: Windows 7|Windows 8|Linux|Windows XP|Windows Vista|WinCE 6.0|Android
Coverglass thickness 1.1 mm
Viewable areaLength: 160.6 (mm)
Width: 98.44 (mm)
Active areaLength: 159.6 (mm)
Width: 97.44 (mm)
DimensionsLength: 172.6 (mm)
Width: 113.44 (mm)
Height: 1.7 (mm)
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
Surface hardness 5H
Surface finish Clear-type 
Transparency 87 %


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