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Touchscreen size 10.4 inch   
Aspect ratio 4:3   
Touchscreen architecture Glass Film Film Film   
Input method Finger , Gloved Hand   
Touch input Dual-touch   
Tail location 5 o'clock   
Tail connector ZIF, 2x 40-pin 0.5mm pitch   
Tail length 40.74 mm   
Activation force (max) 0 g   
Touch controller details Chip: PM1300A supported   
Interface: USB   
Interface connector: USB   
Supported OS: Windows 7 , Linux , Windows XP , Windows Vista , WinCE 6.0 , Windows Embedded Compact 7 , Android   
Coverglass thickness 1.1 mm   
Viewable area Length: 211.03 mm   
Width: 158.42 mm   
Active area Length: 211.03 mm   
Width: 158.42 mm   
Dimensions Length: 251.03 mm   
Width: 202.42 mm   
Height: 2.4 mm   
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C   
Surface hardness 5H   
Surface finish Clear-type   
Transparency 87 %   

10.4 inch projective capacitive touchscreen, FPC tail with ZIF connector, with black bezel
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