The IOBOX-CAN connects to the vehicle‘s CAN Bus and with help of the FOX3/-3G, it accesses CAN protocols, reads CAN messages by identifiers (PIDs) in real time and transfers this data to a remote TCP server for decoding and analysing. This interface works independently from the first embeded CAN interface on the FOX3/-3G and both interfaces can read data from 2 different busses (e.g. FMS and Tachograph) at the same time with up to 1Mbps per bus.

    It offers additionally 8 x I/Os ports for almost every application within the automobile industry.


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Type of product Accessory   
Type Expansion Box   
Device FOX3-2G , FOX3-3G , FOX3-4G   

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2-nd CAN-Bus interface and I/O expansion box for FOX3/-3G
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