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    FOX3-2G-LITE No Audio, No RTC, No 1-Wire and No 2nd serial port

    FOX3-2G-LITE Series is a compact all-in-one vehicle telematics and gateway device combining 2G data connection with the latest GNSS technology to completely satisfy customer’s need. It is a highly customizable vehicle telematics device and it offers a variety of inputs and outputs to satisfy the most demanding requirements. A box (IOBOX-MINI or IOBOX-CAN) can be used to extend the functionality of the FOX3-2G Series for the most flexible expansion options in the industry.

    Designed to operate with internal or external antennas. Built-in internal antennas are automatically turned off while external antennas are in use. This device will dramatically simplify your logistics as well as the installation process and the post-installation support. Newly developed FALCOM „Premium-Features“ show the way to the future of mobile data logging, storing, processing and sending. FOX3-2G Series is an advanced and fully customizable vehicle tracking device. FOX3-2G Series offers new features like: Data Encryption, several History Modes, Eco-Drive/Behaviour, Data Logging GSM/GPS jamming detection beside standard items like status reports, alerts messaging, audio call, spy calls or geofencing.'


Application market Automatic vehicle location, Telelocation, Fleet management, Security, Recovery of assets 
Type of product AVL
Cellular technology GSM, GPS 
Controlled by Falcom PFAL scripting language
Antenna interface Internal, External: GSM, Fakra SMB GPS, Fakra SMB 
PowerInput voltage: +10.8 to +32 DC (V)
Consumption (sleep): <1mA @ 12VDC
Consumption (RX): 50mA @ 12VDC
DimensionsLength: 105 (mm)
Width: 83 (mm)
Heigth: 28 (mm)
Certifications CE, E1 

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FOX3-2G-LITE-B1-FAL - Smart Terminal Device GSM/GPS w/ Battery
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