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Development set for IoT Connectable to any cloud via any IQRF gateway based on any small computer like Raspberry Pi.


    Product status: Preliminary

    Sensor kit DDC-SE-01 is intended to measure temperature, light intensity and voltage selected by the potentiometer. Relay kit DDC-RE-01 enables to switch connected equipment on/off using two relays inside.

    These kits are controlled by DPA commands implemented in Custom DPA handlers delivered with the set. The handlers specify HWP identification (HWPID) to individual kits which allows their identification.

    DS-IOT-01 devices can be connected via the KON-RASP-01 adapter to a gateway based on Raspberry Pi (or an alternative) and then to any cloud. The gateway as well as the cloud can be adapted for communication with IQRF devices utilizing their HWPIDs.

    However, this set is especially intended for use with clouds like Microsoft Azure and open source flow-based programming environment Node-Red. This approach is supported by an extensive rapidly developing SW, a part of IQRF SDK, including IQRF Daemon supporting multiple communication channels: UDP, MQ and MQTT.



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