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  • CeraPlas uniquely combines voltage transformation and plasma generation in a single component. This new technology is based on a PZT (lead zirconate titanate) ceramic material, which can be co-fired with the internal copper electrodes.

  • CeraPlas features many advantages: compact size, low weight, low power consumption, a low input voltage and a high output voltage.

  • CeraPlas is a high-performance component that can be integrated into different plasma applications as plasma source (ozonizer or ionizer) without the need for special high-voltage safety measures, giving it a high degree of application flexibility, ideal for handheld devices and other low power cold plasma applications.

  • Application fields
  • Ionization of various gases at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature conditions
  • Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma generation
  • Smell reduction and decontamination of air
  • Surface treatment processing like activation, cleaning and purifying

  • Applications
  • Integration in ionization or plasma generating modules
  • Implementation in handheld and plug connected devices

  • Construction
  • RoHS compatible PZT ceramic
  • Plastic package
  • Solderable Cu/Ag wires

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