The LoRaWAN SENSORS from Adeunis RF is a ready-to-use radio transceiver allowing to transform any type of 0-10V, 4-20mA & I/O sensor into a Wireless Sensor. This product meets the needs of users looking to remotely monitor the data of all kinds (temperature, pressure, level, humidity, CO2, speed, brightness, opening ...)

    Radio transmission of meter data through LoRaWAN compliant networks Water, gaz, electricity & heat meters
  • Up to two meters per transmitter
  • Range up to 10km
  • Up to 10 years of autonomy
  • IP67 enclosure

  • Available versions:
    ABP :Activation By Personalization
    OTAA :Over The Air Activation


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Type LoRaWAN Transceiver   
Maximum range 10000 m   
RF Frequency: 868 MHz   
Power: 25 mW   
Sensitivity: -140 dBm   
Software Protocol: LoRaWAN V1 network   
Transmission cycles: 2 frames per day , 50 frames per day , 100 frames per day , 140 frames per day   
Sensors up to 2 sensors (0-10V , 4-20mA & I/O)   
Antenna Internal   
Mounting DIN Rail , Tube , Wallmount , Necklace   
Casing IP67   
Operating temperature -20 to +75 °C   
Dimensions Length: 105 mm   
Width: 50 mm   
Heigth: 27 mm   
Power Input voltage: 3.6 V   
Battery: Built-in , Li-SOCl2   
Battery life: up to 10 years   
Certifications EN300-220 , EN301-489 , EN60950   
Application market LoRa , Internet of Things   

LoRaWAN SENSORS Transceiver 0-10V I/O ABP
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