The ANT-14 is a combined high performance GPS/GLONASS and 2G/3G/4G(GSM/ CDMA/ PCS/DCS/UMTS/LTE) antenna ideally suited for use with FOX3-3G and FOX3-4G Series. Its high quality low profile covert housing can be attached onto the glass or onto the dashboard. This combination of a high gain GPS/GLONASS antenna and a 4G (LTE) antenna is ideal for those applications that require durability, small size, reliable reception and transmission crossing through different mobile networks.

    The cellular antenna function covers all main 4G (LTE) and 2G/3G (cellular) bands worldwide. It has been designed to work equally well when mounted on glass or on plastic. It is not suitable for mounting on metal.

    The GPS/GLONASS function means increased accuracy and reliability of location. A front- end SAW protects the LNA from burnout by nearby out of band cellular transmissions and also significantly reduces any compression and consequent reduction of sensitivity. It comes with automotive approved high grade 3M double sided tape for quick and easy mounting.


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Type Antenna   
Device FOX-LT , FOX-EN , FOX-IN , FOX3-2G , FOX3-3G , FOX3-4G   

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