ELA Innovation

ELA Innovation beacons & sensors
ELA Innovation brings wireless industrial beacons and sensors to a wide range of applications such as indoor/outdoor location of people and equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring, motion detection or magnetic contact.

Beacons & Sensors
Beacons and industrial wireless sensors with very high autonomy, based on Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRaWAN and Active RFID communication.
Technology Type Available sensors Protection Range Autonomy
BLE Beacon /
Temperature / Humidity / Motion / Angle of Arrival / Presence / Analog IO / Digital IO / Magnetic IP65 / IP68 / IP69K up to 500m (open field) up to 20 years (depending on configuration)
RFID Tag /
Temperature / Motion IP68 / IP69K up to 500m (open field) up to 20 years (depending on configuration)
LoRa Transmitter Temperature / Humidity / Luminosity / Accelerometer / GPS / Magnetic IP65 up to 5000m (open field) up to 20 years (depending on configuration)

Get started
Integrate the ELA Innovation beacons & sensors into your application with the Software Development Kit and available documentation.
  • SDK: development kit & code samples to get you started
  • Documentation: technical documentation for ELA Innovation products

Products in serie

ELA BLE beacons: identification and localization of people or equipment

ELA BLE sensors: monitoring various environmental factors

ELA LoRaWAN transmitters: monitoring various environmental factors

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