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Explore a focussed portfolio of passive & sensor devices with specific technologies for special requirements. All products are from reliable manufacturers with which we have excellent relationships.

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Our partners & expertise

TDK Electronics TDK Epcos

Rechargeable solid-state SMD battery

Cold Plasma Technology

Active leakage current filter

Piezo haptic actuator solutions
PowerHAP & PiezoHapt

Sensor & Sensor Systems
From temperature to gyro sensor


Common Mode & PFC Choke
Passive and Active

Customized Coils
Electric Ignition Devices
Electric Ignition Devices

Power supply

SMPS Converters

Piher Piher

Encoders & Switches
Encoders & Switches

Contactless Sensors
  • End-of-shaft
  • Shaft driven

Browse a focussed portfolio of passive & sensor devices and start specifying your requirements.

Compare fitting results, then select the best options for your application. Request assistance and contact our engineers by using the dedicated online help tools.

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