Increased capacity Li-ion battery packs

CellPac LITE from VARTA Microbattery is the standard range of lithium-rechargeable battery products. The CellPac LITE is available in a range of pre-configured battery packs, for immediate use in standard applications. They are exclusively made from cylindrical or prismatic form-factor cells.

These power packs are equipped with an electronic protective circuit module (PCM) with additional overcurrent protection. All cells used comply with the requirements of the safety standard UL1642 and many packs are certified to additional safety standards UL2054 or IEC62133 2nd edition.

The 3 Cylindrical & 1 Prismatic types have a State of Charge <30 % (IATA Guideline for Li-ion bulk transportation by Air). Be advised, for batteries packed with or contained in equipment (UN 3481) there is no SoC limitation.

Packed with equipment: necesary to power equipment + 2 spares
Contained in equipment: up to 2 batteries = no labels > 2 batteries = Lithium Handling label

Additional available accessories make the
CellPac LITE a ready-to-use complete battery solution called CellPac PLUS.

Features CellPac LITE
•  Excellent energy density
•  Available capacity: from 150 mAh to 2600 mAh
•  Available sizes: from 4 x 20 x 26 mm to 11 x 36 x 65 mm
•  Good cycle-life (500 full cycles typically)
•  Low self-discharge
•  Variety of form factors
•  High cell voltage (3.7V nom.)
•  Temperature range: from -20° to +60176C
•  Charging technique compatible with Li-ion (cont. I / const. V)
•  Good high-rate discharge capability up to 2.5A continuous
•  Good recovery of capacity after storage
•  Safety standard UL 1642
•  IEC62133 certification update to edition 2 (some packs)
•  ISO9001 certified

•  Satellite tracker
•  Thermal camera
•  Handset
•  eTransactions
•  Communications
•  Medical training
•  Sensor system
•  Radio

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