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Winstar offers different sizes of Bar type, color TFT-LCD displays such as 3.9, 4.6 and 5.2 inch. In the market the most popular ratio of a TFT LCD panel is 4:3 or 16:9, but for a lot of applications a bar type shape of display panel would be much better.

Winstar develops also custom specials especially for industrial applications, more optional possible solutions are screw hole on frames, capacitive touch panel or resistive touch panels,  high brightness versions or controller board versions.


Some highlights: 


3.9 inch TFT with high brightness and wide temperature (WF39BSQASDNN0)

This is a 3.9 inch Bar Type TFT LCD with 480x128 pixels, featured with high brightness and wider operation temperature.  

  • Built in with Driver IC HX8278
  • Interface:  RGB
  • High brightness 1000 cd/m2
  • Sync mode and DE modem (default Sync mode)


3.9 inch O-Film Bar TFT  (WF39BTZASDNN0)

The WF39B series is a 3.9 inch a TFT display with O-Film technology on module. The WF39BTZASDNN0 is featured with resolution 480x128 pixels and wider view angle.

  • Built in with Driver IC HX8278,
  • Interface: RGB
  • Brightness:  400 cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio of 500:1
  • Operating temperature -20 to +70


5.2 inch Color Bar TFT LCD Module (WF52ATLASDNN0)

This TFT WF52A LCD display offers high quality and colorful image made of resolution 480x128 pixels; it is especially suitable for industrial equipment & automotive applications, server system, POS system and advertising display. 

  • View Direction : 6H
  • Interface : RGB
  • Brightness(cd/m²): 500
  • Operating temperatures -20 to +70


5.2 inch Bar Type LCD with Controller Board (WF52QTLBSDBN0)

This model is an upgrade solution for monochrome Graphic STN WG24064A COB module to colorful TFT display, both diagonal size are 5.2 inch.  This STN WG24064A is having the resolution 240x64 pixels.

  • Display Format : 480 x 128
  • View Direction : 6H
  • Interface : 8080, MPU
  • Built-in Controller : SSD1963
  • Control-Board : Yes
  • Brightness (cd/m²): 500

  • Industrial equipment
  • Automotive application
  • Server system
  • POS system
  • Dynamic information displays
  • Advertising display

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