ISP1507 from Insight SiP

Bluetooth Low Energy / ANT+ / NFC Combo Module

The ISP1507 from Insight SiP is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, based on the latest Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 chip offering the next generation in BLE technology in a 8x8x1mm System-in-Package. The ISP1507 offers a full Bluetooth 5 ready stack and IPv6 connectivity, and thus can form the hub in IoT applications.

This ready-to-use module offers a 32-bits ARM Cortex® M4 CPU, 512kB flash memory, analog and digital peripherals SPI, I2C and GPIO. Combined with its integrated 32MHz/32kHz crystals, RF antenna and matching circuit and DC/DC converter, this module forms a standalone Bluetooth Low Energy node. The ISP1507 is certified for: Bluetooth SIG, CE, FCC, IC en Telec.


Power consumption is typically 5.5mA (transmission and reception), 1.5uA for standby mode and 0.7uA for deep sleep mode ensuring best in class performance with a long battery lifetime. Transmission output power reaches +4dBm and reception sensitivity is also improved to -96dBm.


The ISP1507 also incorporates NFC type-2 tag functionality (external antenna required), enabling easy "touch-to-pair" functionality.


To support product developers, Texim Europe provides a complete development kit together with sample software that provides everything required out of the box to start developing a solution on day one.

Key features
  • Bluetooth 5 ready stack (single mode)
  • 32-bits ARM Cortex® M4 CPU
  • Ultra-small LGA System-in-Package measuring 8x8x1mm
  • Multi-protocol 2.4GHz low power RF transceiver
  • ANT/ANT+ stack
  • Based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52
  • 512kB Flash, 64kB SRAM
  • 30 GPIOs including ADC, SPI, UART, PDM, I2C
  • Fully integrated RF matching and antenna
  • Supply voltage: 1.7 to 3.6V
  • Power consumption: 5.5mA (typical), 1.5uA (standby), 0.7uA (deep sleep)
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • NFC-A tag for OOB pairing
  • Integrated 32MHz & 32kHz clock
  • DC/DC converter with loading circuit
  • Rx sensitivity -96 dBm
  • Data rate up to 2 Mbps


• Home automation

• IoT applications

• Industrial connected sensor applications

• Wearable technology

• Beacons

• Sensors for medical devices, healthcare, industrial and sports

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