AAEON’s redefined Wide Temperature Assurance Service (WiTAS)

Enhancing temperature resilience without a price increase

AAEON has redefined its Wide Temperature Assurance Service (WiTAS) criteria without a price increase. Extreme temperature tolerance will now be a standard for the 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4” form factor SBCs and CPU modules built with Intel® processor technology.

This new standard begins with products featuring the Intel® Processor N-series and will extend to the upcoming Intel® Core™ embedded SoC platforms.


Starting Q3 2024, AAEON’s new standard operating temperature will be -20° to +70°C and the wide temperature range will span from -40° to 85°C. This reclassification ensures that AAEON’s SBCs and CPU modules can meet the demands of various industries without limitations.


WiTAS testing focus

The initial selection of components in-house is succeeded by the meticulous sorting of assembled boards. Next, a comprehensive test plan is implemented to verify the board's ability to withstand the extreme temperature variations it may encounter in real-world scenarios.


Testing protocols

  • High-temperature testing: boards are subjected to incremental temperature increases starting at 70°C.
  • Low-temperature testing over 2.5 days: : power on/off, hot start, and burn-in testing from -20°C until failure.
  • Thermal shock tolerance: evaluating the board's ability to withstand rapid temperature changes over 2 days.




For more detailed information, explore the white paper on AAEON’s latest advancements in wide temperature assurance and the evolution of the WiTAS testing protocol.




  • Transportation (traffic surveillance systems, ADAS)
  • Industrial automation (AMR, AGV, AOI, CNC)
  • Smart city solution
  • Environmental and energy applications
  • Medical (AI-assisted imaging, telemedicine) 

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