FlatPAQ RRC2130

Multi-cell standard batteries using prismatic Lithium-Ion cells

The RRC2130 multi-cell standard battery is a member of RRC’s FLATPAQ family. This extremely flat battery, with a thickness of only 8mm, uses prismatic Lithium-Ion cells in 2s1p configuration and is ideal for any industrial or medical application.

The new RRC2130 has an optimized capacity of 4170mAh at a nominal voltage of 7.2V. The overall energy density is 30.02Wh for extended power and runtime. These smart batteries are SMBus v1.1 and JEITA standard  compliant. As typical for all RRC battery packs, the RRC2130 includes a multi-level redundant safety circuit and smart battery management system (BMS).


Naturally, these Lithium-Ion battery packs fulfil all the worldwide approval standards and are therefore fully usable and transportable for international customers.


The RRC-SMB-FPC universal smart battery charger can be used to charge the RRC2130 and RRC2140 FLATPAQ batteries. It has all the approvals required to be marketed worldwide.

Key features
  • 2S1P configuration, 7.20V/ 4.17Ah/ 30.02Wh
  • Worldwide approvals and certification of safety standards
  • No development costs, fast time-to-market
  • Smart batteries with numerous features according to the SMBus specification
  • High discharge performance
  • JEITA charging profile optimization
  • Numerous and redundant safety features
  • Increased ESD protection up to 8kV
  • Up to 80% of initial capacity after 800 cycles



Medical equipment



Portable equipment

Test equipment


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