High-performance IMU in small package

The ideal IMU for attitude and vibration control

Nowadays the demand for IMUs that offer more accurate position/ attitude control and excellent noise performance is rising. Epson’s M-G370PDS0 inertial measurement unit (IMU) with a high-performance 6-axis sensor meets these demands.

This IMU provides an angle random walk (short-term variation in output) of 0.03 ° / √h, and can more accurately detect very slight changes in the attitude of equipment and systems, since they do not get lost in sensor noise.


A variety of calibration parameters are stored in memory of the IMU, and are automatically reflected in the measurement data being sent to the application after the power of the IMU is turned on. The new IMU maintains compatibility with earlier products (the M-G370/365/364/354), making performance upgrades easy.


The features of the M-G370PDS0 make it easy to create and differentiate applications in various fields of industrial systems, especially for stabilization applications.

Key features
  • Equipped with a low-noise, high-performance sensor
  • Angle random walk of 0.03 °/√h
  • Noise density: 2.5 (°/h)/√Hz
  • Outstanding dynamic performance (scale factor non-linearity) for high-precision measurement, from static states to high-speed motion
  • Low current consumption: 16 mA 





Industrial automation

Health monitoring

Unmanned vehicles 


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