Evolved LoRaWAN 868 Field Test Device

Evolved LoRaWAN 868 Field Test Device

The LoRaWAN 868 Field Test Device (FTD) is THE reference network tester, favored by IoT network operators and an essential part in any IoT project. This new FTD from Adeunis evolves to be as close as possible to user needs.

This FTD is a ready-to-use Class A LoRaWAN compatible device that provides communication with all network operators using the LoRaWAN V1.0 protocol. You can easily transmit and receive radio frames and instantly view the results.


Equipped with a large LCD screen, you can view various information relating to how the network being used is functioning (Uplink, Downlink, SF, PER, etc.) in addition to information from sensors (GPS coordinates, temperature, battery level, etc.). Thanks to its rechargeable battery, the FTD allows several hours of functioning and can be recharged using a standard mobile phone micro-usb.



Simplified screen

New “simplified” screen to quickly and easily qualify the quality of the on-site radio link.

Analysis of uplink quality

The FTD now shows the quality of the uplink and its SNR value. This is in addition to the data already studied on the quality of the downlink frames.

Backup of last 100 measurements

Download of the last 100 measurements to PC or smartphone through the IoT Configurator or AT commands. Measurements are localized and time-stamped if GPS is enabled.

Built-in antenna mode

Allows the FTD to emulate the behavior of a product with a PCB antenna without having to deactivate the ADR.

Configuration screen

New screen to know the current configuration of the FTD (ADR, DUTYCYCLE, SF AUTO/MANUAL, TX POWER AUTO/MANUAL).





  • Communicating sensors
  • M2M
  • Security
  • Smart building
  • Metering
  • Tracking

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