Unique Li-ion Power-package for ventilators

Unique Li-ion Power-package for ventilators

Due to COVID-19 there is a shortage of ventilators. Next to the medical sector, companies from other industries start to develop ventilators. Speed up your portable power supply development by using the unique Power-Pack for ventilators from RRC !

Normally it takes several years to develop a medical device and find the right portable power supply. The immediately available Power-Package provides all necessary tools for the fast and reliable development of a portable power supply. The contained RRC Li-ion standard batteries are developed and tested to the highest standards (ISO13485 + FDA QS.Reg 820) and provide a high performance. They have the benefit of including worldwide approvals, an essential feature for medical devices.


The Power-Package also includes complete data to design-in the products as well as optional charging infrastructure. In addition RRC has its own application support team, which is always available for advice and assistance.


All those who are now looking for a fast and future-proof solution in the field of portable power supply and require the Power-Package for their application can contact Texim Europe at info@texim-europe.com.

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