Smart building sensors - MOTION and COMFORT

Sensors that make your building smarter!

Whatever the building type you have to manage adeunis smart LoRa/Sigfox sensor solutions meet your needs in terms of energy performance optimization and services improvements for your buildings and its users.

These sensors offer measurements of brightness/presence (MOTION series) or temperature/humidity (COMFORT series). With the built-in functions: temperature, humidity, alert, button, dry contact input you are able to monitor and optimize different factors that influence the comfort of the building user. Now you can remotely supervise the operation of your equipment and anticipate their maintenance!

Key features
  • Periodic and / or event mode
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Dimensions: 111 x 61 x 40 mm
  • IP20 case for indoor use
  • Integrated fixing system: wall or laid
  • Sigfox RC1 / LoRaWAN EU863-870
  • Operating temperature: -20° to +60°C
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Standard: Directive 2014/53/UE (RED)
  • Product error alert, configuration error, low battery
  • Configurable life frame
  • 1 digital input
  • 1 connected button
  • Compatible with KARE© device management tool
  • Available for LoRaWAN and Sigfox technology

  • Building management

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