PUCK ID series

Heavy duty, waterproof active RFID tags

The PUCK family from ELA Innovation are heavy duty, long range active RFID tags operating at a frequency of 433MHz. The read range of these tags can reach up to 150 meters (in open air). Designed in a robust industrial IP68 housing these tags can be used in harsh environments.

Compared with passive RFID tags, active tags can generally be interrogated at a greater distance, and their signals can pass more readily through a trailer wall or other materials. The PUCK has its own battery, and typically emits a signal at a predefined rate. The read range of these tags can reach up to 150 meters (in open air) with a battery life of up to 10 years.  


PUCK family members

  • PUCK ID for identification
  • PUCK T for temperature sensing
  • PUCK RHT for temperature/humidity sensing


ELA innovation offers a wide range of active RFID readers to facilitate integration of your RFID solution.



Key features
  • Compact design:  57mm diameter, 10mm thickness
  • 433MHz operating frequency
  • Robust industrial IP68 casing
  • DELRIN (POM C) material, Food Grade
  • Resistant to shocks and chemical agents
  • User-definable tag identifier (RW)
  • High transmission range: up to 150 meters (open field)
  • Indicative lifecycle: 10 years, with transmission rate @2 sec.
  • Compact anti-hanging shape
  • Settings & configuration by SCIEL PROG IR tool and ERW configuration software
  • ID transmission cycle programmable from 220ms up to 10 hours

  • Asset tracking
  • Humidity & temperature monitoring
  • Cold chain traceability

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